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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Apple iOS 7 software that will dramatically change the way iPhones look is launched today


Apple's iOS 7 software, right, has been designed to make the iPhone appear bigger, with features deliberately designed to take advantage of the entire screen. Text on iOS 7 appears sharper than on iOS 6, pictured left

Apple customers worldwide will be given the option to download the company’s latest operating system today, called iOS 7, which is being hailed as a new beginning for the firm.
Everything from email to the calendar, texts, phone keypad, photos and notes will look and work differently when the software is rolled out in stages to various handsets starting at around 6pm UK time.
Importantly, traditional icons have been scrapped under the redesign masterminded by Apple's' British design chief Sir Jonathan Ive.

Apple's iOS 7 software, pictured, is available for customers from 18 September. It has been in beta release since June. The Airdrop feature lets users share photos, video and contacts simply by clicking share and selecting a fellow iOS 7 user from a contacts list. A similar feature is already available for Mac computers

The new iOS 7 Control Centre, pictured, allows users to adjust settings and playback with just one swipe from the bottom of the screen

Ive introduced iOS 7 as an 'important new direction' when he showcased the software at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco earlier this year.

The operating system has a cleaner look than its predecessors and has been described by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook as 'the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone.'
Its launch this week coincides with the release of two new iPhones - set to go on sale from Friday.

The iPhone 5s has a built-in fingerprint scanner that reads a users' prints using the home button.
Touch ID replaces an App Store password when buying music, apps or books.
It uses a 'laser cut sapphire crystal' to take a high-res image scan and the Touch ID software in iOS 7 determines whether the print belongs to the owner or not.
Apple reassured users that the feature is secure by explaining 'all fingerprint information is encrypted and stored securely inside the device's chip' adding the prints are not stored on an Apple server, or backed up to iCloud.

The software is being launched to coincide with the release of two new iPhones - set to go on sale from Friday. The iPhone 5C comes in five colours and is a plastic version of the current iPhone 5 model. Apple's iPhone 5S, pictured, is a high-end model that has a fingerprint scanner built into the phone's home button

Traditional icons and services on iOS 6, such as the weather app pictured left, are being scrapped under the redesign masterminded by Apple's' Brit designer Sir Jonathan Ive. The right image shows the new weather app

These images compare the current calendar app, left, with the updated iOS 7 design, pictured right

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