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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Stripped easels: Weird and wacky displays of art on humans at the international bodypainting festival

Hundreds of models and artists flock to the annual Body Painting World Festival
Event, which takes place in Poertschach, Austria, now in its 16th year
Artists take inspiration from nature and science fiction as they vie for the prestigious top prize


Would you Adam and Eve it? This model portrays both the Biblical serpent and an alternative Eve as she poses during the annual World Bodypainting Festival

Her face painted blue, a crown of leaves on her head and her arm transformed into a Biblical serpent this woman becomes an alternative Eve as she clutches a tempting apple.
The Eden-inspired model is one of hundreds of people whose bodies have been turned into living canvases as they depict all things wild and wonderful in a brightly-coloured spectacle.
The kalidoscopic models are all taking part in the annual Body Painting World Festival where hundreds of artists from across the globe converge for their yearly celebration.

Kaleidoscopic: The world's biggest bodypainting event takes place this weekend at Lake Woerthersee in Austria's southern Carinthia province

The world's biggest bodypainting event, which takes place this weekend, kicked off in style yesterday at Lake Woerthersee in Austria's southern Carinthia province.
Approximately 30,000 visitors are expected to flood into the Austrian town of Poertschach for a chance to see the amazing human works of art over the course of the three day extravaganza.

Strike a pose: The jamboree attracts hundreds of artists, and photographers, from across the globe

The festival, now in its 16th year, is held in Austria annually - and competition is clearly as fierce as ever as contestants take their inspiration from nature, science fiction and tribal art.

Weird and wonderful: This woman is transformed into a living canvas

Other artists clearly had their dinner on their mind as they decorated models with images of foodstuffs and sweet treats.
Vast feather headdresses, space-age tubing, prosthetic make-up, gems and jewels added the finishing touches.
The 200 artists, who hail from 44 countries, are all vying to be crowned winner tomorrow and take home the prestigious World Award.
Austria's stunning mountains and lakes provide the backdrop as the painted models proudly struck a pose.

Living canvas: It took two artists to complete this candy shop-inspired design as they transformed their model with body paint

Work in progress: One artist affixes prosthetic make-up to her body to complete the nautical look

The design process: An artist paints a model during the annual World Bodypainting Festival in Poertschach

Painted ladies: While the model on the left was decorated with images from nature,

the model on the right seemed to have been inspired by fast food

Read all about it: This model kept up to date with current affairs as he was coated in newspaper

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