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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

EXCLUSIVE: You've seen the front, now Thom Evans shows off his incredible behind in new underwear shoot for bottom enhancing briefs (not that he needs them)


The best behind: The rugby player-turned-model shows off his incredibly pert behind as he poses in boxers and briefs for D.HEDRAL's Spring/Summer 2013 campaign

If Kelly Brook has ever regretted ending her relationship with rugby hunk Thom Evans, she better look away now.
The 28-year-old rugby player-turned-model shows off his incredibly pert behind as he poses in boxers and briefs for D.HEDRAL's Spring/Summer 2013 campaign.
Thom's latest shoot sees him modelling the Anglefit range, which the brand say are designed to 'lift and enhance' a man's bottom.

Making shapes: Thom shows off every single one of his muscles as he pulls some shapes on location

Previous photoshoots have been slightly more modest - this is the first time that Thom has showed off his super-toned behind.
Each pair of the pants, from the Gigolo Joe collection, has been designed to help lift the bottom and give a more defined and pert look.

Rippling abs: Sporting a pair of the brand's Gigolo Joe briefs, Thom showcases how they can work to perfection

The pants are styled with a distinctive Y-shape to the rear to accentuate the shape of the buttocks.
Showcasing the pants to perfection (he is perhaps the last man in need of bottom-enhancing briefs) Thom pulls out his best poses for the shoot, locking eyes with the lens and demonstrating the underwear's so-called 'pulling power'.
The photos, shot on a rocky location by Daniel Jaems, see Thom show off his finely honed muscles.

Ready for his close up: DHEDRAL's twitter account tweeted this zoomed in shot, just to remind us of the full potential of the underwear

Thom, who has been dating former 90210 actress Jessica Lowndes since his two-year relationship with Kelly ended in January, has modelled for several of the brand's campaigns.
The new collection incorporates the brand’s patented Anglefit Technology. And the pants - made of what the firm describe as 'super-light, anti-sagging, quick-drying microfabric' - certainly hug Thom's shape in the steamy shots.

Peekaboo: Locking eyes with the camera, Thom shows off his muscular physique

The firm say that their unique new technology gives 'enhanced figure-hugging definition and comfort'.
The fabric has been designed to stretch depending on the shape of the wearer’s bottom to create a second skin and enhance the appearance of the rear.
The D.HEDRAL collection is available online now.

Professional: Thom looks seductively into the camera as he poses with a female model in a pair of D.HEDRAL's seamless boxers

Jealous, us? Thom and Jessica, seen sharing a kiss at Coachella, have been dating since February after the Glasgow Warriors player moved to Los Angeles to concentrate on his acting career

Look away now, Kelly: Thom with ex-girlfriend Kelly Brook, whom he dated for two years

source: dailymail


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