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Friday, December 7, 2012

Sibling rivalry: Victoria's Secret model Jessica Hart shows little sister how to strut as they both display long legs


In the family: Model Jessica Hart, left, showed her sister Ashley the tricks of the trade as the pair displayed their legs in tiny shorts

While Jessica may be the more successful of the two Hart sisters, Ashley is well positioned to learn the tricks of the trade.
The siblings were looking extremely stylish as they wandered around the set of a Los Angeles based photo shoot with their legs on show.
Jessica, 26, was spotted early on Wednesday morning taking a break from having her hair and make-up done.

Ready to roll: Jessica was spotted early in the morning taking a break from having her hair and make-up done

Even with some delicately placed material in her hair the Australian model still looked pretty good and effortlessly cool.
Jessica had what appeared to be tissues clipped in her hair in order to pin it back away from her face.
Wearing a baggy blue long sleeve jumper with a pair of tiny denim shorts, the Victoria's Secret model was laid back as she relaxed between shots.

Another day at the office: Jessica was at ease as she displayed her famous trademark gap tooth smile

Up and coming: While Jessica is the more famous of the two sisters, Ashley certainly gave her a run for her money

After going back inside to get the look completed she emerged in a fresh outfit joined by her sister.
Jessica traded her blue shorts for some even smaller hot pants that she wore with an Australian flag print top.
The cool model also had a sleeveless denim shirt on as she prepared for a day of work.
Ashley displayed a slightly more tanned and toned pair of legs as she gave her older sister some serious competition in the fashion stakes.

Walk this way: Jessica strutted her stuff while wearing a sleeveless shirt with the Australian flag on it

Going bare: The Victoria's Secret model kept herself occupied by playing on her mobile phone

The younger Hart was clearly in awe of Jessica as she looked up at her as they casually strutted around.
Later in the day the girls changed outfits again and Jessica was seen playfully chewing on a carrot as she walked through the car park.
Showing off her signature gap in her teeth, she looked summery in a red dress and straw trilby.
Jessica also had her pet dog with her and the little pooch adorably ran behind her struggling to keep up with her powerful strides

Healthy mind: Jessica stayed healthy by chewing on a carrot stick rather than eating any sugary treats

source: dailymail


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