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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tired of taking the stairs? Unique house with a 23ft rock-climbing wall and ladders


The residents of this house can get extra active indoors now they have a rock-climbing wall to get them from one floor to another.
The house in the suburbs of Tokyo, Japan has been designed complete with a 23ft climbing wall as well as ladders and stairs to get around.
Built by Naf Architect & Design for a family of four, the ‘3way House’ connects two floors of bedrooms and living spaces and a rooftop terrace using three different types of ‘vertical transportation’.

Active indoors: A 23ft climbing wall is located in the central courtyard of this house in Tokyo, Japan which allows climbers to reach the first floor and the rooftop terrace

The rock-climbing wall is located in a central courtyard and as residents climb they can jump off at the first floor or head up to a roof terrace hidden behind a 6.5ft-high parapet.
The wooden house is unassuming in its exterior but walk inside and the spacious, unique living space is revealed.

Rock-climb to rooftop: This man climbs up to the large rooftop terrace in the '3way house'

Akio Nakasa from Naf Architect wrote on the website: ‘We aimed to create versatile living space which allows more opportunities to socialise with neighbours while multiplying family pleasure by closely connecting the ground and rooftop with three means of transportation.

'Vertical transportation': As well as a rock-climbing wall, there are ladders and stairs in what designer Akio Nakasa says 'allows more opportunities to socialise with neighbours while multiplying family pleasure'

‘The climbing wall leads from porch to the rooftop via courtyard; ladders go up from living room through an opening to hobby room; stairs start from kitchen to sun room where laundry is hung.’
He said of the huge rooftop space: ‘The rooftop is like a room without a ceiling, surrounded by two-metre (6.5ft) wall.
‘Up on the rooftop, roofs of neighbours can be seen stretching far

For 'family pleasure': The climbing wall is in the house built for a family of four, allowing residents to reach the first floor and the terrace by rock-climbing to each level

'As the renovation of the vicinity goes on, the view from the rooftop will change with growing number of rooftops.’
The house is in a residential area where old and new buildings where new buildings are required to be at least 23ft in height.
Last year a church offered worshippers a chance to get closer to God by installing a 25-ft high climbing wall inside its newly-renovated historic bell tower.

'Naf': The rooftop terrace is 'like a room without a ceiling' and is surrounded by a 6.5ft wall

source: dailymail


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