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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

World's oldest dad does it again at 96 (well, he does have sex three times a night!)


World's oldest: Ramjit Raghav holding his second baby Ranjit at the ripe old age of 96

An Indian man has become the world’s oldest father for the second time at the age of 96. Ramjit Raghav was awarded the title two years ago when he had his first born son Karamjit aged 94.
Although he swore one was enough, the pensioner and his wife Shakuntala, 54, welcomed another son Ranjit, last month.
Speaking at his home in the state of Haryana, 31 miles from Delhi, Ramjit said: ‘What can I do? This is all God's wish. He wanted me to have another son.’

Daddy duties: Ramjit Raghav, 96, with his wife Shankuntala, 54, and sons Karamjit, 4, and newborn Ranjit, is excited to have become a father again

When Shakuntala gave birth to the healthy boy earlier this month at the Government hospital in Haryana, the doctors laughed when Ramjit said he was the father.
He said: ‘They just laughed but they were very surprised.’
Ramjit, who lives with his family in a studio apartment, has high hopes for his sons.

Family: Ramjit and Shankuntala pictured with their oldest son Karamjit in 2010 when Ramjit was named the world's oldest father the first time

He said: ‘I have been a farmer all my life. But I want them to become high ranking government workers.
‘It's good that I have another son now. Even if one of them dies, God forbid, I will have someone to carry on my family name."
Ramjit admits that as proud as he is of having two healthy sons at his age, his neighbours are more jealous of his sex drive.

He said: ‘I do it three or four times a night. My neighbours are jealous and they keep asking me for my secret but all I tell them is that it is God's will.
‘I'm healthy and I enjoy sex with my wife. I think it's very important for a husband and wife to have sex regularly and when she asks I will go on all night but for the sake of my child I've put our needs aside for now.'

source: dailymail


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