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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The long and short of it: LeAnn Rimes spruces up the grocery shop by showing off never-ending legs in stylish leather skirt


Happy holiday: LeAnn Rimes made a routine shopping trip turn into a fashion show as she showed off her legs in a short leather skirt, on Tuesday, in Malibu

LeAnn Rimes decided to spice up a routine trip to the grocery store by showing off her slender legs.
The country singer was getting ready for Halloween as she unleashed her legs in a very short and stylish leather skirt.
LeAnn, 30, looked in extremely good shape as her toned pins took centre stage on Tuesday afternoon in Malibu, California.

Super style: LeAnn had picked up some groceries and pumpkins for Halloween as she wore her small skirt

The star must have turned more than a few heads at Maddy's Market with her chic dress code as she turned the car park into a catwalk.
With her svelte legs leading the way, LeAnn teamed the skirt with a red jumper that had a sad puppy dog on it.
She also wore a pair of black heels that added to the overall glamour of the ensemble as she filled her car boot with groceries.

Puppy love: The singer teamed the skirt with a cute red jumper that featured a dog on the front of it

In preparation for Halloween, LeAnn picked up two large pumpkins, presumably to make traditional Jack-o'-lanterns with.
The singer recently rescheduled her Friday night performance due to an infection but seemed fully recovered as she was in good spirits, flashing her pearly whites.
LeAnn picked up some ingredients for a hearty home cooked meal that she prepared that evening for her and husband Eddie Cibrian.

Fighting his corner: Eddie Cibrian was seen out on Monday, but was not wearing his wedding ring

She tweeted: 'Sweats, pork roast w/ veggies, my hubby.... Heaven! I love when he comes home from and I've got dinner ready. It feels so Lucy and Ricky :).'
Eddie, 39, was seen out and about on Monday without his wedding ring on, which raised concerns that couple's marriage was on the rocks.
The former Sunset Beach star - who left wife Brandi Glanville after starting a fling with Rimes back in 2009 - was seen in the Woodland Hills where he headed to Home Depot to buy some batteries.

source: dailymail


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