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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Take a flock of seagulls, feed them laxatives, sit back and film ensuing mayhem as the birds poo on roller-skaters, police and a baby. Post on YouTube


Lunch time: The teenagers crush laxatives into pots of crisps to feed to the seagulls

A group of teenagers poured laxatives into pots of crushed Pringles crisps, then left them out for seagulls - with disgusting results for visitors to the beach.
In a video posted on YouTube, the seagulls are seen feeding hungrily on the snacks thinking they've been given a treat.
But within minutes, the heavens open as the birds swoop around Venice Beach, California, urgently relieving themselves on the crowds below.

Careful preparation: The boy makes sure each crisp is fully coated so no bird can escape eating them

The teenagers clearly enjoyed filming the ensuing mayhem.
They looked on in glee as a roller skaters, cruising happily along the parade, were the first to get a dose of bird poo.
Then the parents of a toddler who received a massive dollop in his blond locks, rushed over to console the child.

Feeding time: One teenager takes the laced crisps to the beach to give to the hungry seagulls

As the mayhem continued, people having a relaxing picnic on the beach had to quickly grab their towels and run for cover as they are pelted with poop.
Other people enjoying a day out where mystified as drops landed on their arms, backs heads and even in their ears.
The swooping birds certainly manged to clear the beach with the results of their unfortunate lunch.

Beach snack: The crisps are scattered across the sand for the seagulls to devour

Feeding frenzy: The seagulls think they are in for a real treat this lunchtime

It's raining poo: A roller skater receives a big dollop in his flowing hair

Keeping balance: A skater tries to keep a straight line as he wipes off a big dropping on his arm

source: dailymail


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