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Monday, October 15, 2012

She's a superstar! Jennifer Lopez gets mobbed again by fans outside her hotel as she pulls off wearing sunglasses at night


'I'm coming out!': Jennifer Lopez gets mobbed by fans outside her hotel in Berlin as she tried to make her way to her concert hall

She's been a star for over a decade now, and her fame doesn't seem to be dying down anytime soon.
Jennifer Lopez has been getting mobbed by a crowd of fans in pretty much every city she's visited with her world tour, and things where no different when she hit Berlin on Friday night.
The pop star, 43, was greeted by hundreds of admirers in the German capital as she left her hotel room to get ready for her show of the evening.

Shady lady: Jennifer looked every inch the star she is, hiding behind large sunglasses despite it being dark

And, every inch the superstar that she is, JLo graciously smiled and waved at her adoring fans as she made her way to her car.
The Latino beauty was wrapped up in a leather biker jacket to protect herself against the chilly autumn weather, and hid her eyes behind large shades despite it being night.
She was however surrounded by bodyguards and staff members who ensured she got to her car without any trouble.

I'm a pop star: JLo waved and smiled at her fans who had been waiting outside her hotel for hours in the hope of catching a glimpse of the diva

Earlier that day, fans were given a peek at Jennifer's luggage and just as expected from a star of her grandeur, she didn't travel lightly.
Hotel staff were seen carrying up to seven suitcases belonging to the diva, which also featured popular luggage by fashion house Louis Vuitton.
The 43-year-old however does seem to have a track record in notifying her fans what her next movements are.

source: dailymail


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