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Monday, October 8, 2012

She's not even in a boy band! Taylor Swift is mobbed by adoring teenage girls as she takes on androgynous style


They love her: Taylor Swift pictured leaving her hotel in London on Saturday

It looked like scenes that heartthrobs One Direction are probably used to receiving on a day-to-day basis.
But the eager crowds of young girls outside this hotel in London weren’t for the British heartthrobs who found fame on The X Factor 2010; the ladies were in fact waiting for Taylor Swift.
The country singer couldn’t help but flash a huge smile when exiting the accommodation on Saturday as she made her way to an awaiting car.

Like a boy: The singer was mobbed by adoring female fans as she donned an androgynous style

Wearing a check shirt tucked into a pair of fitted beige trousers, she teamed the pieces with Oxford-style shoes and brown satchel.
The 22-year-old dealt well with the hysterical admirers, who turned up to get her autograph and pictures with the star, requests to which she happily obliged.
But as the blonde signed items such as magazine covers she appears on, she admitted on Saturday’s The Jonathan Ross Show that she prefers not to reveal all of her personal life in the features she agrees to.
Instead she likes to open up via her songs.

Happily obliging: Taylor signed autographs on her way out of the accommodation

‘I would much rather my personal life be sung about. I think it sounds nicer that way, rather than me talking about it in some magazine article,’ Taylor shared.
Jonathan asked if she worries that her material will dry up if her current relationship with Conor Kennedy turns out to have a happy ending.
Taylor admitted: ‘Do I worry about that? I worry about everything. Name a topic, I worry about it.’

Let me help: She kept fans happy by posing for photographs

The singer then explained that she can be inspired by any type of emotion.
She confessed: ‘I think there's no such thing as a simple emotion. I think you can be happy but there's always a complex undertone to that.
‘What if you're scared you're going to lose it? That's a type of sadness that's a by-product of happiness.
‘In every emotion you feel there are 80,000 different sub categories that you can turn into a simple emotion and make it three and a half minutes long and write a song about it.’

Promotional tour: The blonde appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show on Saturday night

Artistic expression: The 22-year-old said she prefers to talk about her personal life in songs rather than in magazine interviews

source: dailymail


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