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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Putting the pop into popstar: One Direction team up with NFL star Drew Brees as they unveil new Pepsi ad


Here come the boys: One Direction prove that they have made it in the US by starring in the latest Pepsi ad

Just two years ago they were like every other teenage boy in Britain but after skyrocketing to global superstardom in the US, the One Direction boys have landed a coveted role in the new Pepsi commercial.
The ad, which has featured the likes of David Beckham, Elton John and Britney Spears in the past, is known for starring only the most high profile of celebrities, proving that the boys have truly made it across the Atlantic.
Teaser clips have already been released but now the full advert, featuring the boyband and NFL star Drew Brees, has been posted online.

Most successful: One Direction try to prove they are more accomplished than the NFL star by showing a magazine with them on the cover

The ad, which plays on the band's phenomenal success and popularity with teen girls, shows the boys fighting over a can of Pepsi with the New Orleans Saints quarterback.
With Harry Styles clearly leading the boys, the band argue that they should have the can of fizzy drink because of their worldwide success and Platinum status while Drew argues that he should have it since he won the Superbowl.
The band argue back and forth with the NFL star over who is the most successful and deserving of the drink, before getting in a crowd of girls to support them.

Latest scenes: Drew Brees tries to prove that he's more successful than the boyband by showing off a trophy that he's won

Drew gets in a group of sports fans to support him and then both parties flash tokens of their success to try and win their case.
While the football player shows off trophies that he has won, the boys get out their platinum disc and a copy of Billboard magazine with their cover.

Look what we've got: Louis Tomlinson hold up the band's platinum record to try and win the can o fPepsi

Bring in the fans: Drew brings in his fans to try and win his case against the British boys

Making their case: Harry Styles and Niall Horan argue with the American football star for the new ad

After failing to resolve the situation, Drew makes a suggestion that could mean that they could all have the Pepsi.
The NFL star joins the boyband, becoming an honoree member and takes to the stage with them to perform a rendition of their new single, Live While We're Young.
The sportsman, who looks completely out of place next to the teenage boys, can be heard singing the hit song completely out of tune.

New member: Drew joins the band on stage for a rendition of their new single Live While We're Young

New slogan: The drinks brand unveils a new slogan which fits in with the band's new song

The American drink brand prides itself on having the biggest up-and-coming stars for its commercials, as well as some more established names.
Both Britney Spears and Beyoncé starred in Pepsi campaigns when they were at the height off their careers and both joined forces with Pink for a gladiator-style advert in 2004.
David Beckham starred in football themed campaign in 2004 alongside a host of other high-profile footballers.

Top of their game: Beyoncé and Britney Spears have both starred in Pepsi commercials

Old school: David Beckham and Juan Veron starred in a Pepsi campaign in 2002

source: dailymail


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