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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jennifer Garner shows off her legs in a little black dress as she visits Capitol Hill in support of Save The Children


Speaking out for children: Jennifer Garner brought her Hollywood star power to Capitol Hill as she spoke out on behalf of Save The Children

With her long legs on display in a black clinging dress, Jennifer Garner certainly made a change from the usual speakers on Capitol Hill.
The actress took her Hollywood star power to Washing DC as she attended the launch of a new report on the well-being of children in the United States.
The 40-year-old addressed the meeting as an ambassador for Save the Children.
And she managed to look both businesslike and glamorous as she addressed an audience of around 300 policy makers, congressional staff and children's advocates.

Political and Hollywood royalty: Save the Children's senior vice-president Mark Shriver stands beside Garner

'The number of Americans living in poverty remains at a historic high, with nearly one in four children knowing all too well what it means to go without,' said Garner, responding to the new America's Report Card 2012: Children in the U.S.
'Childhood poverty sets children up for failure in school, impacts their health, and can predetermine the course of their lives. So why, then, are children being left out of the conversation during an election season in which the economy is the primary issue? We need to do better for our kids.'
The actress and mother of three wore a black dress for the occasion, accessorising with elegant silver and diamond jewellery and a pair of black stilettos.

Showing her activist colours: Jennifer Garner speaks at the Washington Court Hotel on Capitol Hill

Hollywood meets Capitol Hill: Garner shares a joke with Bob Casey, United States Senator for Pennsylvania (L), and former senator Chris Dodd, who is now Chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America

Before and after addressing the audience, she sat between Senator Bob Casey and former Senator Chris Dodd, who authored the report, which provides a snapshot of the well-being of children in North America, and also highlights unmet needs.
Casey and Dodd joked and laughed with their Hollywood guest of honour, showing they weren't immune to the allure of glamorous Hollywood royalty.
Also sharing the stage was Mark Shriver, senior vice-president of Save the Children's U.S. programs, a member of the Kennedy political clan and brother of Maria Shriver.
Jennifer also brought a letter from her six-year-old daughter Violet to the event, reading it to the audience.

Speaking out for children: Jennifer is an 'artist ambassador' for the non-profit organisation Save the Children

source: dailymail


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