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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The most unflattering optical illusion: Kim Kardashian draws attention to her hips in VERY clingy dress


Fashion faux pas: Kim Kardashian drew attention to her hips in an unflattering green dress as she headed out with Kanye West in New York last night

She's known for her hourglass figure and has made a fortune out of promoting her voluptuous curves.
But it seems that even Kim Kardashian hasn't conquered the art of dressing for her shape, as she proved last night as she headed out with boyfriend Kanye West.
The reality star wore an incredibly unflattering green dress which featured a line across the middle and served only to draw attention to her hips,

Curvy girl: Kim teamed the dress with a pair of ankle boots, which made her legs appear shorter than they are

Kim teamed the dress with a pair of ankle boots, which gave the impression of her legs appearing much shorter than they actually are.
The 31-year-old wore her hair tied back in a messy up 'do as she and Kanye attended the Broadway production of Fela! in New York's Times Square.
And Kim's sartorial faux pas wasn't much helped by her boyfriend Kanye West, who looked equally ridiculous in a pair of baggy black PVC-style trousers, a backwards cap and chunky gold chains.

Knight in shining armour: Kanye opens the door for Kim as they leave the Al Hirshfeld Theatre after seeing the Broadway musical Fela!

Dressed in a loose-fitting black vest, 35-year-old Kanye looked like he was playing dress-up in his baggy trousers - tucked into his socks - as they were so low slung they threatened to slip off.
Not exactly famed for his modesty, he also wore a pair of his own brand of Air Yeezy trainers.
Despite Kanye's epic fashion faux pas, he played the perfect gentleman and held open the door of their vehicle for 31-year-old Kim to climb inside of first.
The reality star favourite meanwhile was busy gushing about her new beau on Twitter, of course.

That's better: Kim did a better job dressing for her shape the day before, as she headed out in an orange top and beige trousers

source: dailymail

L'amour de Paris: French artist shows his passion for the city of love by creating huge model in his back garden


In-Seine: Gerard Brion stands on a replica of the Eiffel Tower in his garden where he has built a miniature model of the French capital

Paris is known the world over as the city of love. But one Frenchman has taken l'amour a step further, albeit in a slightly in-Seine way.
Gerard Brion has spent 15 years and clocked up more than 20,000 hours hand-crafting a miniature version of the French capital in his garden using recycled materials.
They included soup cans, baby food jars and other bits of waste that would otherwise be destined for the bin.
But what he created was certainly not rubbish - it is incredibly realistic down to the smallest detail.

Kneeling in front of the Notre Dame, Mr Brion's passion and gift for architecture and drawing date back to his childhood

Mr Brion's model is now a major tourist attraction in it's own right with around 150,000 visitors a year travelling from far and wide to see it.
More than 40 Paris monuments are included in Mr Brion's model, such as the Champs Elysées, Montmartre, Sacré Coeur, Arc de Triomphe, the Seine River, and the Eiffel Tower.
The miniature city, which is planted with 400 bonsais, is on a 1:130 scale and set in his garden Vaissac in the South of France.

More than 40 Paris monuments are included in Mr Brion's model, such as the Champs Elysées, Montmartre, Sacré Coeur, Arc de Triomphe, the Seine River, and the Eiffel Tower

Mr Brion sits in the central court of Les Invalides, one of his impressive models that has helps to attract 150,000 visitors a year

Mr Brion in his workshop making one of his miniature buildings

The miniature city, which is planted with 400 bonsais, is on a 1:130 scale and set in his garden Vaissac in the South of France

source: dailymail

Inside America's most expensive home - but its spectacular $100million views are already being blocked by $90million pad being built next door


Expensive: America's newest most expensive pad is on the market for $100 million and boasts a 20-person dining room, pictured

A $90 million luxury New York City apartment has been stripped of its title as America's most expensive home - but its fat cat owners are having the last laugh.
The wildly expensive penthouse, which was sold off-the-plan to a mystery buyer in May, is 'already partly blocking' the $100 million Central Park views of its rival, according to The New York Times.
The big apple's newest most expensive pad, a ridiculously lavish Manhattan apartment atop the City Spire building on West 56th street, boasts three floors, 8,000sqft, an elevator, a wine closet storing up to 1,000 bottles, 3,000 square feet of wraparound terrace and 135 windows.

The octagonal-shaped penthouse, on the market with Prudential Douglas Elliman, has six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a media room, 20-person dining room, a formal gallery, a conference room and a master suite, which comprises the entire top floor of the 75-floor high rise.

Lavish: The ridiculously lavish Manhattan apartment is spread over three floors and is 8,000sqft

But according to The Times, One57, the nearby up-and-coming luxury condo tower, is already beginning to impede upon some of the penthouse's spectacular views of the park. It is still under construction but will tower 90 floors into the air on West 57th street.
The nine-figure apartment is being sold by Long Island real estate tycoon Steven Klar, who paid just $4.5 million for it in 1993.

Property tycoon: The nine-figure apartment, pictured, is being sold by Long Island real estate tycoon Steven Klar, who paid just $4.5 million for it in 1993

Spacious: The master suite, pictures, comprises the entire top floor of the 75-floor high rise

He told The Times he spent about the same amount renovating the home, which now works out at a whopping $12,500 per square foot.
The listing comes after a raft of record-breaking trophy apartment sales in New York.
Former Citigroup chairman Sandy Weill pocketed a staggering $88 million in February, selling his penthouse at 15 Central Park West to the 22-year-old daughter of Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev.

For sale: The octagonal-shaped penthouse at 150 West 56th Street is on the market with Prudential Douglas Elliman

Bargain: The pad's owner paid $4.5 million for it in 1993 but it is now worth $12,500 per square foot

Decadent: The $100 million apartment has six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a media room, 20-person dining room, a formal gallery and a conference room

Meanwhile, the decadent apartment atop the Ritz Carlton commanded a hefty $70 million recently when it was bought by casino billionaire Steve Wynn.
Mr Klar, president of Klar Organization property developers, told the newspaper he was moving out of the luxurious apartment he's lived in for 17 years for family reasons. His 5-year-old son 'could potentially get out on the terraces,' he said.
Explaining why someone would pay such an exorbitant sum for an apartment, Mr Klar said: 'Art is what people are willing to pay for, and an apartment like this is like a piece of art.'

source: dailymail

Plymouth schoolgirl, 15, wins stunning swimming gold medal... unfortunately she's competing for Lithuania!


I don't believe it! Lithuania's Ruta Meilutyte reacts with shock after discovering she has won the women's 100m breaststroke final

Just weeks ago 15-year-old Ruta Meilutyte was sitting with classmates at Plymouth College.
Today she's an Olympic champion.
The Lithuanian swimming prodigy, taught and trained at an English secondary school, stormed to victory in the 100m breaststroke final.
Nobody expected Miss Meilutyte to even reach the final and she was so shocked by her own success, the teenager held her hands over her mouth when she first clapped eyes on the scoreboard.

Hands up if you've won gold: Meilutyte's emotion soon turns to one of joy as it sinks in that she is Olympic champion

When the BBC approached her for an interview poolside, the shaken Miss Meilutyte told retired British swimmer Sharron Davies: 'I can't believe it. It's all too much for me. I just can't believe it.'
The 15-year-old not only became the first swimmer from her country to win an Olympic medal she did it in under extraordinary circumstances.

The 15-year-old Plymouth schoolgirl celebrates with her medal

The start, a time when swimmers are already battling their nerves, was delayed by a technical malfunction that saw the starter's gun go off before he had called 'on your marks'.
American Breeja Larson dived into the pool on the gun but was able to race because of the malfunction.

Plymouth College Olympians: Ruta Meilutyte (right), with Tom Daley, Ugandan swimmer Jamilia Lunkuse (far left) and Zambian swimmer Jade Howard

The eight finalists sat down while the problem was fixed and an unfazed Miss Meilutyte still got off the blocks fastest and led at the turn but then had to survive a fierce challenge from American Rebecca Soni, the reigning world champion in the event.
The more experienced Miss Soni drew level in the final few strokes but Miss Meilutyte kept her cool and got her hands on the wall first in one minute, 05.47 seconds.

Happy family: Meilutyte with, left to right, brother Mindaugas, father Saulius, grandmother Aldonas, and brother Margiris

Miss Soni was second in 1:05.55 while Japan's Satomi Suzuki finished third in 1:06.46. Australia's Leisel Jones, the defending Olympic champion who won a silver medal at the 2000 Sydney Games when she was 15, finished fifth overall in her fourth and final appearance at the Games.
The only person who won't be surprised by Miss Meilutyte's gold medal is Jon Rudd, her coach at the internationally acclaimed Plymouth Leander Swimming programme.

High emotion: Meilutyte cries on the podium with her gold medal before composing herself to give a big smile for the world's press

source: dailymail

Forging of the Mandarin mermaid: How Chinese children are taken away from their families and brutalised into future Olympians


Winning at all costs: Children are put through their paces doing punishing exercises to toughen them up

Watching the new ‘Mandarin Mermaid’ glide to another suspiciously easy victory yesterday - the prelude to what will doubtless be her second gold medal of these Games - my thoughts returned to the disturbing interview I conducted with another swimming sensation many years ago.
Just like China’s Ye Shiwen, East German Petra Schneider had astonished the world in winning the 400 metres medley - this time at the 1980 Moscow Olympics - producing a performance of such awesome power that her rivals (including Britain’s Sharron Davis, who won silver) seemed to be lesser mortals.

Children are trained at camps where the word 'gold' is hung on the wall to make them focus on success

And as with 16-year-old Ye in London on Saturday night, so striking was Schneider’s superiority over young women who had trained equally long and hard that many observers wondered how she could possibly have been so much stronger, fitter and faster.
This disquieting question cast a shadow over her achievement for 18 years. But then, during that unforgettable interview, in her cramped apartment in Chemnitz - or Karl-Marx-Stadt as it had been known when she was among the stars of the East German state swimming project - the five-time world record-holder finally came clean.

Sweat and tears: A young girl is pushed through a tough gymnastics exercise

Having been identified as a potential champion as a little girl, she told me, she had been removed from school and placed in a ruthless training camp where she was identified by a number, Sportsperson 137, rather than a name.
There her every waking hour was devoted to bringing swimming glory to her country.
To increase her oxygen uptake she was forced to swim for hour upon hour in a vacuum contraption that sucked out the surrounding air; she was fed like a battery-farm turkey on a protein-rich diet; and, of course, she was injected with steroids - so frequently that, even then in her mid-30s, she suffered a plethora of health problems.

Ye Shiwen astounded the swimming world by knocking more than a second off the world record for the 400m individual medley

‘Sharron Davies was not racing against another swimmer that day - she was racing against a different species,’ she told me tearfully in an extraordinary mea culpa which later saw her ask for her world records to be expunged. ‘I was programmed to take the gold.’
Was the equally invincible Ye Shiwen similarly programmed? As with everyone who marvelled at the way she eased through the water yesterday, like a killer whale in her white cap and black costume, I hope — oh, how I hope — she was not.

Mission accomplished: Miss Ye poses with her gold medal on the podium. Ye insists that her 'results come from hard work and training'

Yet recalling the photographs Schneider had showed me of herself at a similar age, one well understands the fears voiced by America’s top swimming coach.
Indeed, they must have flashed through the minds of even the most casual spectator yesterday, so much stronger did she look than the young women beside her.

Young boys and girls are put through their paces at the Chen Jinglun Sports School, the alma mater of Ye Shiwen

Ye Shiwen possesses that same masculine, almost wall-like figure; the same impossibly wide shoulders and huge, rounded thighs; the same armchair-leg calves. Rebecca Adlington is a strong woman, to be sure, but she still looks feminine; Ye, though barely out of adolescence, appears androgynous.
China’s recent swimming history mitigates against Ye, too.

The school also trained Sun Yang, who won the 400m freestyle at London 2012

For during recent years its swimmers and coaches have been caught cheating so many times it is difficult to keep count - and it has modelled its draconian training system on precisely that which produced Schneider and other turbo-charged East Germans before the Iron Curtain fell.
It began in the Eighties when, determined to end the nation’s perennial humiliation at major athletics and swimming championships, China’s Communist regime decreed that a generation of future champions must be harvested and honed.

Practice makes perfect: Children are put through their paces in a training session at Chen Jinglun Sports School

To that end, school teachers were ordered to scrutinise their pupils for signs of natural sporting ability and report any child with obvious potential to regional coaches who would install them in one of 3,000 new state training camps.
According to her mother, Qing Dingyi, as quoted by the Chinese state media, little Ye ‘expressed a wish to become a swimmer at the tender age of seven’.
In truth, she was picked out because she had an unusually masculine physique with extremely large hands and long limbs: attributes at first thought best suited to a career in track and field.

Starting young: Olympic champions Sun Yang and Ye Shiwen were earmarked from a young age as potential future champions

The school recruits about 900 children from kindergartens in Hangzhou each year, with their parents all but forced to accept their fate

Ye's team-mate, 23-year-old Lu Ying, this week attacked China's grindingly repetitive coaching regime

source: dailymail

A visit to ornamental water gardens and Shang Lake

A hot and sunny morning saw the contestants arriving at Shang Lake. As they walked in they were greeted by a scenic vista of stunning pavilions ranged around ponds full of Koi carp and a vast lake glinting in the summer sunshine.

The ladies wrote messages on beautiful little wooden tablets suspended from bells to hang in the breeze as a lasting token of their visit.

There was also the opportunity to try on beautiful traditional clothing and witness traditional music, a treat which delighted the contestants.

A quick trip on some speedy trams saw the ladies arrive at the edge of a lake skirted with woods. They were ushered on to traditional rafts which were punted out into the water and meandered downstream past lily pads and trees growing straight from the water. There was gleeful pointing as nesting birds and darting fish were spotted. One of the rafts was also treated to a rousing river song by their oarsman!

Back onboard the trams, the contestants were treated to a tour of the lush landscape and disembarked next to a banner erected in their honour, which they signed as a thank you for the hospitality they had received.

In the afternoon, the ladies visited enchanting ornamental water gardens. Full of winding paths, bridges and hidden rockeries, they were a cool oasis in the 42 degree heat and the perfect place for some truly stunning photographs! The contestants were enraptured with the tranquil atmosphere and very sad to leave at the end of the day.

Don't forget to check back here for more updates from the Miss World festival 2012. For broadcast details of the final show, please see below (please note that screenings for other territories will be confirmed soon):

The Miss World final will be broadcast on TV5 in the Philippines on August 18th at 19.30 local time
The Miss World final will be broadcast on Paris Premier in France on August 18th at 13.30 local time
The Miss World final will be broadcast on Televisa in Mexico on August 18th at 07.00 local time
The Miss World final will be broadcast on Star TV in Turkey on August 18th at 17.00 local time
The Miss World final will be broadcast on Zoom TV in India on August 18th at 17.00 local time
The Miss World final will be broadcast on Venevision in Venezuela on August 18th at 7.30 local time
The Miss World final will be broadcast on Medcom in Panama on August 18th at 07.00 local time
The Miss World final will be broadcast on RCTI in Indonesia on August 18th at 19.00 local time
The Miss World final will be broadcast on SABC in South Africa on August 18th at 13.30 local time

Source: Missworld, Missosology