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Monday, April 30, 2012

Introducing Disney's leading lions: Intimate photographs show the stars of hit-film African Cats at work, rest and play


Soggy moggies: Some of the stars of Disney's new African Cats movie

Move over Wills and Kate - it's time to meet the real stars behind Disney's African Cats movie.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge may have been the star attraction last week when the film's premiere rolled into town - but Paul Goldstein's pictures of the cute kitten-like Kenyan lions and cheetahs show the four-pawed princes and princess now want their turn in the limelight.
The wildlife photographer and Exodus tour guide worked alongside the Disney team in pinpointing the position of the animals on the Masai Mara.

Cute: Tour guide Paul Goldstein worked alongside the Disney team in Kenya, often pinpointing the position of animals on the Masai Mara

Intimate: While the film crew has captured the two featured animal families on film, Paul has shot the animals he knows almost intimately through the lens of his camera

And while the film crew have captured the two featured animal families on film, Paul has shot the animals he knows almost intimately through the lens of his camera.
Paul said: 'I knew a few of the Disney crew anyway and on several occasions we found the cheetah and cubs first and let them know. Their camp was virtually next to mine.'
African Cats is a nature documentary film about several lions and cheetahs trying to survive on the African savannah.
Using real-life footage, it focuses on a mother cheetah named Sita who is raising five newborns, and Fang, the leader of Mara defending his family from a banished lion.

Grubs up: African Cats is a nature documentary film about several lions and cheetahs trying to survive on the African savannah

Reservoir big cats: Using real-life footage, it focuses on a mother cheetah named Sita who is raising five newborns, and Fang, the leader of Mara defending his family from a banished lion

Paul, 49, is very familiar with the big screen big cats, having shown hundreds of tourists the animals in their natural habitat.
His amazing images of Sita show the close bond between the mother and her cubs. Atmospheric shots show her huddled together with her offspring as the rain falls.
Paul added: 'There is no giant cat flap on the plains for any cheetah to retreat through during rain.
'She always does the same: sitting it out, her eyes closing momentarily before opening to check for danger, it is often a long and saturated vigil.
'Cubs at this tender age of a few months are very vulnerable, the mum barely ever sleeps.'

Stunning: The amazing images of Sita show the close bond between the mother and her cubs

Premiere: Prince William and Kate Middleton turned up to the launch of Disney's African Cats film

source: dailymail

Looks like he's punch drunk! The brutal knockout blow that turned a boxer's face to mush


Knockout blow: Boxer Lavarn Harvell (right) smashes a mashed up Tony Pietrantonio (left) to end their light heavyweight bout

This brutal knockout blow turned a boxer's face to mush - making him look more like jelly than a prized jouster.
Tony Pietrantonio came crashing to the canvas in the 31st second of the third round following the devastating right-hander from fellow U.S. light heavyweight Lavarn Harvell. Harvell, 23 - dubbed Baby Bowe because of his resemblance to former heavyweight champ Riddick Bowe - said: 'I felt that punch all the way up my shoulder and back, so I knew he wasn’t getting up.
'I was so excited that I did a little dance for the fans, but that was before I saw how badly he was hurt.'
Pietrantonio, who only agreed to Saturday's fight three days previously, was unconscious as he hit the Atlantic City, New Jersey floor.

End of the game: Harvell (right) won the bout with this devastating blow to Tony Pietrantonio (left)

Referee David Fields stopped the bout and ushered in doctors, but the bruised boxer soon sat up, climbed onto a stool and left the ring under his own steam.
Harvell added to 'I’ve fought at the Hall before, but it was in the ballroom upstairs. It was a pretty special feeling to fight in the main room in front of all those people.'

Smash and grab: The bout ended in the third round after Pietrantonio (left) came crashing to the floor

Wiped out: Pietrantonio did manage to get up and leave the ring on his own following his knockout

source: dailymail

I'm just Jenny from the block: Jennifer Lopez grabs lunch to go with Casper Smart in leggings and hoodie


Casual: Jennifer Lopez and toyboy Casper Smart didn't have time for lunch at Caffe Roma in Beverly Hills, and got a take-out instead

Don't be fooled by the rocks that she's got.
She's still just Jenny from the block - especially when dressed in unflattering leggings, a hooded top and gold hoop earrings.
The 42-year-old singer and boyfriend Casper Smart seemed in a rush yesterday when they whizzed in to Caffe Roma in Beverly Hills, California, and grabbed some take-out. La Lopez had just endured four hours of dance rehearsals at a studio nearby, which may explain her casual appearance.
The mother of twins, who is in the midst of divorce proceedings with estranged husband Marc Anthony, led the way carrying the pair's lunch in a 'to go' bag.

Working lunch: JLo dressed down for the occasion in black leggings, trainers and a hoodie but then she had just done four hours of dance rehearsals

Moving on: Jennifer and estranged husband Marc Anthony filed for divorce earlier this month seven years of marriage

Meanwhile Casper, 25, showed off his collection of tattoos in a striped blue vest.
JLo's ensemble was a far cry from the micro-mini, sequined number she wore for a recording of American Idol last week.
In fact the singer has worn a number of risque outfits since filing divorce papers earlier this month. She teamed her sweats with patent pumps adorned with studs - the only bling thing about her outfit.

Bit of a difference: The sweats were a far cry from the micro-mini, sequined number JLo wore for a recording of American Idol last week

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For sale, ship that inspired 007 film: The £115million US navy stealth vessel that could be yours for just £60,000 (but you won't be allowed to sail)


Cloak: The Sea Shadow's angular shape makes it invisible to radar

It was the world’s first stealth boat, a top secret experimental vessel built for the US Navy in the 1980s at a cost of $190million.
Now the Sea Shadow, which was the inspiration for the villain’s boat in the 1997 James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies, could be yours for a fraction of that price after being put up for sale on an eBay-style website.
But don’t expect to sail off on any undercover missions – the 563-ton vessel is being sold for scrap. Bidding for the Sea Shadow from salvage dealers had reached $100,420 (£61,000) yesterday, and the auction closes this coming Thursday.
Production on the vessel was completed in 1985, but the public weren’t aware of its existence until 1993.

Budget: It was built at a cost of $190,000 but is available online for a fraction of the cost

Measuring 164ft by 70ft and capable of cruising at a maximum of 14 knots, it was developed for the US Navy by an agency of the US Defense Department and Lockheed Martin. But the Navy never commissioned the ship and it was later used to evaluate new technologies in a realistic at-sea environment before languishing in dry dock in California.
The authorities hoped to find a museum to house it, but it is now for sale on the GSA Auctions website for military products.

Cut price: Bidding on the eBay-style website has stalled at £61,000

Anyone who wants to join the sale must also lay down a hefty £6,000 deposit.
Production on the groundbreaking vessel began in 1982 and was completed three years later - but the general public weren't aware of its existence until 1993.
It was taken out of service in September 2006.
The groundbreaking boat measures 164ft by 70ft, weighs 563 tons and was capable of cruising the seas at a maximum of 14 knots.
It was which was developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Navy and Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space Company.
Sea Shadow has a Swath Water Plane Area Twin Hull (SWATH) design, where the vessel's angled sides extend below the waterline to torpedo-shaped hulls which gave it exceptional stability in bad weather.

On screen: Jonathan Pryce's character Elliot Carver had his own 'stealth boat' in 1997 Bond Movie Tomorrow Never Dies

Once veiled in secrecy, the vessel later came into the open and was used as a tool for testing and evaluating new technologies in a realistic at-sea environment.
However, for the last few years it has been holed up in a dry dock in California with authorities hoping to find a museum which could rehome it.
After exhausting all channels it is now resigned for the scrapheap and is offered for sale on the GS Auctions website - an eBay-style website for military products.
The auction closes on May 4.

Budding baddies beware: The boat must be scrapped by the winning bidder

source: dailymail

The Battering of Britain: 70mph winds and driving rain lash the country as April storms out


Deluge: A Land Rover 4x4 driving through deep floodwater in Essex after heavy rain

Fierce winds battered much of the country yesterday as the deluge that has followed the hosepipe ban turned into powerful storms.
Hundreds of trees were uprooted by gusts of up to 70mph, blocking roads or striking power lines, in turn blacking out thousands of homes.
The winds brought with them more torrential rain – though disappointingly the drought police said that it was still nowhere near enough to lift water restrictions introduced earlier this month.
Strong winds shook buildings, whipped up waves and blew people off their feet across much of Wales and southern England.
Unusually, the winds were north-easterly, which meant many trees, used to withstanding prevailing westerly winds, were more vulnerable.

Fierce winds: A workman passes the tangle of scaffolding poles after they came down. A main road had to be closed at the junction where builders are working on a new Jamie Oliver restaurant

A police officer had to be cut free when his van was smashed by a falling beech in Odiham, Hampshire, yesterday morning. The British Transport Police special constable was taken to hospital, where he was stable last night.
More than 60 trees were reported to have fallen across roads in Gloucestershire, with a further 57 uprooted across the Cardiff area.

Freak accident: Part of a tree crashed through the roof of this police van as it travelled through Odiham, Hampshire. Local sources reported a police officer was seriously injured

Many fell on power lines, leaving around 10,000 homes without electricity in South Wales and the West Midlands, as well as 2,000 in the South West. Staff at one firm, Western Power, reported faults running at up to ten times normal levels.
Gusts also played havoc with buildings – in Notting Hill Gate, West London, a large section of scaffolding collapsed into the road in the early hours. No one was hurt.
In coastal areas, last month's balmy spring weather was a distant memory, with deckchairs tethered together to prevent them blowing away. Coastguards across the South were dealing with boats which had sunk or lost masts at their moorings, or been blown out to sea.
Continuing heavy rain added to the disruption, with some areas inundated by more than an inch-and-a-half in just 24 hours.

Crushed: The stormy weather caused a tree to collapse on top of a parked car in Dulwich, south London

Troubled waters: The harbour lighthouse at Seaham, County Durham, is engulfed as towering waves explode against the sea wall this morning, driven by gale force winds off the North Sea as a storm sweeps across Britain

Making the most of it: As ferocious winds close in on Britain's shores, this kite surfer takes advantage of extreme weather on Tynemouth Beach, Tyne and Wear

A month later: In late March (left) people were able to enjoy the warm weather on the parched banks of Hodge Beck river, near Kirkbymoorside in North Yorkshire. But today (right) the same spot was submerged, with water gushing over the road

Frightening: This was the scene after storm-force winds ripped the roof off a block of flats in Bridgend, south Wales. Around 25 sq ft of felt and plastic was torn from the building, while terrified residents sheltered inside at 10am. Nobody was injured in the incident

Overflow: Three horses wade through flood water on farm land near Stapleford Abbotts in Essex following heavy rainfall

Crushed: A huge tree uprooted and toppled over on top of three cars in Uppermill, Oldham, due to the rain and high winds

Aftermath: Three-year-old Finn Brown (left) and his older brother Fraser, five, stand in front of the remains of a tree that was blown down, narrowly missing a main road

Time to leave the country? Sun worshipers lounge around at the public swimming pool Schoenbrunner Bad in Vienna as Austria enjoys a weekend heatwave

source: dailymail

My anorexia was fuelled by celebrity magazines: Victim demands ban on airbrushed photographs


Recovering: Rachel Johnson was put on a drip in hospital after her weight plummeted, left, but having now recovered, right, the 20-year-old is campaigning to have images of super-skinny celebrities banned

Three years ago Rachael Johnston was given just 48 hours to live after a four-year battle with anorexia left her weighing a mere 4½ stone.
Her shocking decline was fuelled by an obsession with photo- graphs of super-slim celebrities in glossy magazines.
Now aged 20 and a healthy size eight, she is determined others should not go through her ordeal and is demanding a ban on airbrushed images in magazines and adverts that are aimed at children.
An e-petition, launched with her mother Lynne, urges the Government to bring in a ban or, failing that, they want health warnings on airbrushed photos, similar to those that appear on cigarette packets.
Miss Johnston’s descent into anorexia began when, at 13, she started to idolise celebrities and obsess over their figures.

Campaign: Rachael and mother Lynn have started a campaign to get airbrushing banned or at least captioned in magazine images

She stuck magazine cuttings inside her school locker and compiled motivational scrapbooks which she would pore over to prevent herself from eating when she felt hungry.
Desperate to achieve a ‘celebrity figure’, she would survive on half an apple every two days, and once went without food or water for ten days.
Miss Johnston of Warrington, Cheshire, said: ‘Although airbrushed images didn’t actually cause my eating disorder, once I was unwell I would obsess over them.
'It wasn’t until later that I realised what an effect these images can have and how they affected the things I did or how I felt.
‘Although these glossy magazines aren’t actually aimed at under 16s, they still read them. If an image has been airbrushed it should say so and which parts of the body have been altered.
‘People should be comfortable with who they are and not be ashamed to go out in public no matter how they look.’

Support: Rachael and mother Lynn need 100,000 signatures on their e-petition in order to get the Government to debate banning airbrushed images or at least having a health warning displayed on them

During her recovery she worked with Beat, an eating disorder charity, and still gives talks to youngsters about her ordeal.
She added: ‘I love pizza and I love chocolate. Even when I was really poorly it was something I still liked. I’ve got to be in the right mood to be able to eat it. I don’t want to feel guilty afterwards. It’s the feelings that I struggle with.’
The e-petition, which requires 100,000 signatures, calls for the Government to ‘ban airbrushing of all images and adverts aimed at children in the UK’, stating that such images ‘give a false representation of beauty’ and subject children to ‘completely unattainable’ images.
÷ To join the petition go to

source: dailymail

'I was born to be a mother': Pouting Cheryl Cole on her 'obsession' with babies and her crush on Prince Harry


Sultry star: Cheryl Cole has revealed that she wants to have babies as she poses in a seductive photo shoot for GQ magazine

Form an orderly queue, chaps... Cheryl Cole has revealed that she is desperate to become a mother – and has found a provocative way to get the message across.
The 28-year-old singer posed for a risque photo shoot for a magazine in a daringly unzipped red number and equally striking red lipstick.
Another picture shows her looking sultry in a black leather jacket, matching skirt and barely-there white top.
The images appear in the latest edition of GQ, in which she talks of her wish to start a family and reveals a crush on Prince Harry.
‘I’d love kids,’ she says. ‘I’m obsessed with babies. Of course I’ve thought about baby names a million times. I like Alfie for a little boy.’
She adds: ‘I know that’s what I was put on the Earth to do – to be a mother.’

Cover girl: The pop star stated that she like Prince Harry because he is 'good looking' and a 'bit of a rebel'

Cheryl is set to release her new single Screw You next month, and, contrary to reports, has insisted it's not about her ex-husband, Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole.
She also said it is not about her former X Factor boss Simon Cowell, who unceremoniously dumped her from the US version of the show last spring.
She said the song is not 'autobiographical' and added: 'It could be directed at whoever you want it to be directed at.'
Her new single Call My Name is on sale on June 10, and the June issue of GQ is on sale this Thursday, May 3.

source: dailymail

What a lucky puppy! Miley Cyrus shows off super toned shape as she treats pooch Floyd to a walk


Any excuse to workout: Miley Cyrus was seen taking her dog for a walk and showing off her incredible figure in Los Angeles today

She's been showing off an incredibly trim shape after daily trips to pilates.
And today Miley Cyrus paraded her perfect figure as she took her puppy Floyd for a stroll around Hollywood.
The 19-year-old looked glamorous despite being in her gym gear as she walked along in the sunshine. And darling Alaskan Klee Kai Floyd didn't look like he had a care in the world, thanks to being adopted by the actress and singer.
The Party in the USA star, who was also showing off her ridiculously toned body, frequently uses her Twitter to help spread the word about animals in need.
Earlier this month she let her readers know about a poor puppy rescued from an animal shelter, where he was abandoned with chemical burns and broken bones.

One woman and her dog: Miley Cyrus enjoyed a walk in Hollywood today with her stunning Alaskan Klee Kai dog, Floyd

Not a care in the world: Floyd was abandoned but now has a perfect life with Miley

With boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, 22, she has another two pooches, though the Hunger Games star was minding them today.
He plays Gale, a love interest for lead character Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) in the movie, and is likely to appear in the sequel Catching Fire which is slated to begin filming later this year.
It's reported that things are a little 'frosty' between lead actress Jennifer and Miley.

Super-toned: Miley's almost daily Pilates classes are paying off

'It started when Miley tried to give Jen advice about handling fame,' a source told the UK's Now magazine.
'It was a bit of an insult as Jen's been working since she was 15 - and has already been nominated for an Oscar for Winter's Bone.
'So Miley got the shock of her life when Jen told her to mind her own business.'

A walking advert: Miley Cyrus was seen leaving her pilates class on Friday in the same trousers

Late last month, the former Hannah Montana star had to deny she was engaged to Liam, after being spotted wearing what appeared to be a large diamond ring on her engagement finger.
She wore on her Twitter last month: 'I'm not engaged. I've worn this same ring on this finger since November!
'People just wanna find something to talk about! It's a topaz people!'
The singer met Liam on the set of their 2010 film, The Last Song.

Pretty pooch: Amazingly, Floyd was without a home until the teenager rescued him

source: dailymail

It's about to get hot in the kitchen! Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchinson prepare to cook up a storm as they invest in baking equipment


Sexy Sunday: A skimpily-dressed Courtney Stodden and husband Doug Hutchison enjoyed a shopping at Target in West Hollywood today

She has the ability to turn any task into a sexual endeavour so Courtney Stodden’s Sunday roast is bound to be served up extremely hot this evening.
The 17-year-old stepped out in racy attire today to stock up on kitchen essential with her husband Doug Hutchinson and there’s no doubt she stood out in skin-baring outfit.
On a trip to Target supermarket in West Hollywood she squeezed her ample assets into a stretchy grey minI dress which could easy serve as a tank top on the average sized woman. However the petite blonde set temperature soaring in the store’s aisles as she perused the goods on offer with her Green Mile star partner.
It’s a wonder how Stodden managed traipse large the shop in towering Lucite heels.
However with a sturdy shopping cart to hold on to Courtney managed to remain upright as she bundled various equipment, including a rolling pin, into the red trolley.

Cooking up a storm: The couple stocked up on some kitchen equipment including a rolling pin

Mind how you walk! It's a wonder how she managed to traipse the aisles in towering Lucite heels

It seems she was making her regular trip to the grocery store to pick up what she likes to refer to as ‘sexy veggies’.
Courtney has been using her sex symbol status to encourage the public to go vegetarian lately, making cheeky videos with aptly shaped produce.
Today she shared a clip of herself with a piece of asparagus which she claims in the short film will allow those who eat it to enjoy better sex.

New video message: Perhaps the vegetarian was stocking up on some healthy bites

The star acknowledged the Sabbath day prior to her retail trip with a thoughtful message to her Twitter followers.
She wrote: ‘Happy Sunday - God Bless all of you :) xoxoxoxo - Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans. - Proverbs 16:3.’
The tweet far more toned down than her usual words of wisdom which more often than not feature sexual references.
Yesterday the model and singer wrote on the micro-blogging website: ‘Working out my little bod this Saturday afternoon to my new sexy single Reality! Only 3 more days until avail on iTunes! What're u all up 2?’

Reaching out: Stodden tweeted a blessing to her fans today and promoted her new music with a sexy tweet yesterday

source: dailymail

Muscles on the menu! Mark Wahlberg gets things cooking as he strips down to nothing but a chef's apron


Muscles on the menu: Mark Wahlberg was spotted in the buff on the set of Pain and Gain yesterday with his modesty merely covered by a chef's apron with the words 'Kiss The Cook' emblazoned across the front

First he was seen showing off his muscles in a singlet, and then he went shirtless.
And now Mark Wahlberg appears to have lost all of his clothes as he films more scenes for his new movie Pain and Gain.
The 40-year-old was spotted in the buff on set yesterday with his modesty merely covered by a chef's apron with the words 'Kiss The Cook' emblazoned across the front.
The look was made even more humorous by the fact that he was also wearing a pair of gumboots.
The tough guy action man listened to his iPod in-between filming scenes and did not appear to have a care in the world.
Mark has regularly showed off his impressive physique during filming for his latest comedy action movie.
However, he has had some competition in the form of his co-star The Rock.
Last week, the former WWE wrestler had Mark for breakfast as they showed off their muscles.

Odd: The look was made even more humorous by the fact that he was also wearing a pair of gumboots

The action men teamed up as the filmed scenes in Florida, but there was only going to be one winner in the physique stakes.
And the grapple legend, real name Dwayne Johnson, made sure everyone knew it was him by striking a double biceps pose as he larked around between takes.
His famous friend Marky Mark looked like a novice in comparison as she showed off his own arm development in a tight white vest.

Not fussed: The tough guy action man listened to his iPod in-between filming scenes and did not appear to have a care in the world

Pain and Gain stars the duo as 'a couple of Florida steroid-abusing knucklehead bodybuilders who become criminals involved in an extortion ring and a kidnapping plot that goes horribly awry'.
The comedy, directed by Michael Bay, also stars Ed Harris, Ken Jeong, and Tony Shalhoub and is based on a real-life events.
In the film, a pair of Floridian bodybuilders in the 'Sun Gym Gang' get caught up in an extortion ring and a kidnapping scheme that goes terribly wrong.
The film is based on the true story of steroid-abusing muscle men Daniel Lugo and Adrian Doorbal.

Gun show: Mark shows off plenty of his fit physique in the film

Studio bosses will be hoping the off-beat topic proves to be a hit with the movie-going public.
However it already has a head start, as it has a paltry budget compared to the Transformer directors usual blockbusters.
At $35 million, the film stands as Bay's lowest budgeted film since his feature film debut, the 1995 action-comedy Bad Boys.Two members of the real-life Sun Gym Gang ended up receiving death sentences and currently sit on Florida's death row.

Tough competition: The Rock also stars in the movie about 'a couple of Florida steroid-abusing knucklehead bodybuilders who become criminals involved in an extortion ring and a kidnapping plot that goes horribly awry'

source: dailymail