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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Anything Jen can do: How Angelina Jolie (and her unruly right leg) copied love rival Jennifer Aniston's red carpet display


Looks familiar: Angelina Jolie's famous right leg pose from Sunday's Oscars... but it was love rival Jennifer Aniston who got in on the act first, pictured right at the Golden Globes in January 2010

It seems Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston have more in common than the same taste in men.
As this picture from January 2010 shows, it was actually Angelina's love rival Jen who blazed the trail as she flashed a lot of leg at the Golden Globes in a black gown split to the thigh.
The ensemble is very similar to the one worn by Jolie at Sunday's Oscars and begs the question - was Angie trying to outdo Aniston once again?

Seeing double: A mirror-image mock-up was one of the first parodies to hit the net poking fun at Angelina's leggy pose, while partner Brad Pitt in Interview with the Vampire was given the photoshop treatment

Angelina's unruly right leg has now made headlines over the world while hilarious spoof images of her limb have gone viral on the web, with bloggers and artists having fun with photoshop.
Jennifer - who was married to Brad Pitt for five years before Angelina swooped in - failed to create the same stir when she strutted onto the red carpet at the Golden Globes two years ago.

Where they met: Angelina, this time with her left leg on show in a scene still from Mr & Mrs Smith

While she looked incredible with her tanned legs on parade, Jennifer breezed into the ceremony in girl-next-door-style, rather than posing in diva fashion with her leg on show as deliberately as spotlight-stealing Angelina.
But side by side, the two images certainly make for an interesting comparison.
The two women have both been inevitably compared to each other following Jennifer's split from Brad seven years ago, with intense speculation that he and Angelina became an item on the set of their film Mr & Mrs Smith, while he and Jen were still together.

As they were: Aniston and Pitt were married for five years, splitting in 2005

In October 2008, Angelina told The New York Times that her children loved Mr & Mrs Smith because: 'Not a lot of people get to see a movie where their parents fell in love.' However, the actress has maintained that she and the heartthrob remained nothing more than friends until after Pitt and Aniston announced they were divorcing in early 2005.
She once said: 'To be intimate with a married man, when my own father cheated on my mother, is not something I could forgive. I could not look at myself in the morning if I did that. I wouldn't be attracted to a man who would cheat on his wife.'

Keeping THAT leg covered: Angelina put THAT very slim pin into a pair of trousers and a knee-high boot yesterday after it's attention-seeking turn on the red-carpet at the Oscars on Sunday

According to the interview, Jennifer shook her head in disbelief as she then added: 'That stuff about how she couldn't wait to get to work every day? That was really uncool.'
And then last year, Brad unintentionally thrust his relationship with Jennifer back into the spotlight during an interview with Parade magazine when he made reference to his first marriage.
'It became very clear to me that I was intent on trying to find a movie about an interesting life, but I wasn’t living an interesting life myself,' he said.
'I think that my marriage [to Aniston] had something to do with it. Trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn’t.'

Mocking: The fun started early, with screenwriter Jim Rash copying the hilarious pose shortly after the actress presented him with an award onstage

The original: Angelina's overexposed leg on Oscars night has been the cause of much ridicule

source: dailymail

'Hores like carrots' and the amazing discovery of the 'Kung Fu' gland: Hilarious exam answers given by students

Q. What is meant by the term 'hermaphrodite'? A. Lady Gaga
Q. What do we call the science of classifying living things? A. Racism


Discovery of the legendary 'Kung Fu' gland, according to one student on

For years, the 'Kung Fu' gland somehow escaped the attention of endocrinologists.
But one student has clearly found it... according to his hilarious answer to a biology exam question (complete with surreal sketch).
And what about the meaning of the term 'hermaphrodite'. That would, apparently, be 'Lady Gaga'.
Welcome to the wonderful world of - a website crammed with astonishingly bad answers given by students in both the UK and US.

See the top right corner, so that you're quite clear they're talking about a 'horse'...

Now that's a 'hard' exam question

Teachers have so far submitted hundreds of 'epic fail' responses by pupils, covering maths, science and just about every other subject on the curriculum.
And it does make you wonder what exactly is being taught in schools.
One pupil had the perfect answer to: 'Briefly explain what hard water is'.
They wrote 'Ice'.

Equally amusing are the comments made by exasperated teachers.

Take this 'feelings' study below - where 'Enough is enough Judy!' has been written on the naughty pupil's answer sheet. Well, they did call the poor boy ugly.
It is not clear whether all the exam answers are genuine.
Indeed, all references to the schools in question have been censored, so it would be impossible to authenticate them.

The teachers' submissions have all been rated and you can filter the pupils' answers by newest, most popular or just random.
Ranking is determined by the number of thumbs-up by 'huffers'.
And it seems to be a popular pastime - as some have received more than 2,000 votes.

source: dailymail

Mother pregnant with her TENTH child demands bigger council house on top of her £30,000 a year benefits


Crowded house: Iona Heaton and her partner Paul Brown live with her eight children in a four bedroom terraced property in Blackburn, Lancashire

A mother pregnant with her tenth child has demanded a bigger council house in the countryside, despite raking in almost £30,000 a year in state handouts.
Iona Heaton, 43, said her four-bedroom home in Blackburn is too small for her enormous family and complained that the property is cold, damp and festering with mould.
The mother of nine shares the terraced house with her boyfriend Paul Brown, 45, and her children Kaiden, nine months, Zak, two, Keegan, three, Kian, four, Elle, six, Kain, seven, Jade, 16 and Shannon, 17.

Chaos: Mrs Heaton, pictured with the children in their playroom, wants to move to a larger home in the countryside

She also has a 24-year-old son, Sean, who does not live at home, and she is three months pregnant with her tenth child.
Now she and Mr Brown want housing association firm Twin Valley, which runs the terrace along with Darwen Council, to move her to a larger 'more child friendly' property.
The family receive £575 a week in child benefits and disability allowances - as daughter Elle has epilepsy.

Family trip: From left, back row to front, Iona, Paul, Shannon, Jade, Cain, Sean, Elle and Kian at Pontins in 2008 - where they holiday with each other

This is despite the fact that Mr Brown takes home £1,000 a month from his job as a metal polisher.
They would need to be earning a combined salary of £41,000 to take home the £30,000 a year they receive just in benefits and allowances.
The housing association said it had spent £4,000 on fixing the problems and visited the property 25 times.

Condition: Six-year-old Elle, pictured with sister Jade, has epilepsy so the family receive £575 a week with her disability allowances as well as child benefits

Mrs Heaton said today: 'All the kids have asthma now, and we’re constantly back and forth to the doctors for antibiotics. I have to have five children sleeping in my bedroom with me because their rooms are so freezing and damp.
'Paul and I argue all the time because it’s so stressful living in a house like this. Because nothing gets done, I’ve asked to move, but they say we can’t because they haven’t got a house big enough for all of us.
'I like having a big family. None of my family speaks to me any more because I have so many children - but it’s their loss. It’s not about getting more money - if we didn’t cope, then we wouldn’t have kids.

Iona Heaton, 43, said the house is too small and complained that the property is cold, damp and festering with mould (pictured)

'Money is not tight; we survive quite well on what we have. As soon as we come back from our summer holiday, we start putting money away for Christmas.
'But it is quite costly buying clothes and shoes for the children - most of them are handed down, but because they are growing all the time, they need new things. Elle is always falling and ripping her clothes because of her condition.
'We have to buy mattresses for the beds and cot, as well as bed covers each month because of the damp.'

Unhygienic: The family claim they have developed health problems including asthma from the damp in the house

Mr Brown said: 'I have to bleach the walls every morning before the kids go to school. The fact that my kids are rubbing against walls covered in green mould is just disgusting.
'I want a bigger house with somewhere for the kids to play; somewhere with a garden. This house isn’t big enough for all of us. It’s not a children-friendly area either because we’re on a main road, so cars fly round the corner.

Problems: Mrs Heaton said the dining room floor has been constantly wet because of a natural spring beneath

'Struggle': Mr Brown said the family, who share four rooms, were frustrated because of the council's slowness

'While we can appreciate Miss Heaton’s wish for a bigger home, Twin Valley Homes only have 15 of its 8,000 properties that have more bedrooms than the one she is currently in and they are all tenanted.
'But we have sent her an application form for our B-With-Us register - a partnership of 17 social landlords that advertise accommodation across the Pennine Lancashire region - which will allow her to apply for suitable properties.'

Maternal: Mrs Heaton, pictured with baby Kaiden, Keegan, Zak, said she is one of eight children and always wanted a big family

source: dailymail

Gary Barlow tweets congratulations to The Wanted as they hit No.1 in the U.S. iTunes pop charts


Success: The Wanted (L-R) Siva Kaneswaran, Nathan Sykes,Tom Parker, Max George and Jay McGuiness are making waves across the pond

One Direction aren't the only British boy band making waves in the U.S.
The Wanted have hit No.1 in the U.S. iTunes pop charts, prompting congratulations from Gary Barlow on Twitter.
And while One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful is currently No.25 in the U.S.iTunes main charts, The Wanted's Glad You Came is at No.2.
The five-piece, comprising of Max George, Nathan Sykes, Tom Parker, Jay McGuinness and Siva Kaneswaran, also hit No.1 in the Canadian iTunes chart today.

Shock: The Wanted's bandmember Max George couldn't hide his delight today

After hearing of The Wanted's success, X Factor judge Gary Barlow tweeted: 'Congratulations @thewantedmusic on your US success. Amazing.'
Bandmember Max George was clearly excited, writing on Twitter today: 'Number 2 on US iTunes.... That's how we roll....

Impressive: The general iTunes charts in the U.S. and Canada on February 28

'Number 1 in Canada.....boom!!'
The quintet launched Glad You Came as their first U.S. single earlier this month and its been speeding up the charts.
The single has achieved gold status already in America having sold over 500,000 copies.
The group's communal Twitter read last night: 'Know its late but we just got word we're #2 on iTunes in America.

'Crazy times': Max's bandmate Tom Parker revealed he was proud of the group's success

'Today's been amazing! Spread the word! #GLADYOUCAME.'
The youngest bandmember Sykes, 18, tweeted: 'Its so hard to go to bed when I'm this excited. 'Can't express how insanely happy this makes us. Cant wait to tell the rest of my mates.'
The Wanted are the first British boy band to reach the top 10 in the U.S. since Take That had a no.7 hit with Back For Good in 1995.
However, further Stateside hits have alluded Take That since.
Meanwhile, their younger counterparts One Direction, who were formed on X Factor 2010, are the highest British new entry on the U.S. singles chart since The Verve's Bittersweet Symphony.

source: dailymail

Red-nosed Jessica Alba still looks under the weather... days after bailing on Oscars due to 'terrible illness'


Suffering: Jessica Alba was looking a little under the weather as she stepped out in Beverly Hills today sporting a bright red nose

Jessica Alba didn't look her usual perky self as she stepped out today, sporting a bright red nose.
The 30-year-old actress was spotted heading to a doctor's appointment in Beverly Hills, days after complaining on Twitter about feeling under the weather.
The Fantastic Four star shared with her followers in recent days how her 'allergies are killing me rt now' and says she is suffering from a 'cold sinus thing'.

'My allergies are killing me right now': The actress has been updating her Twitter followers, saying she is suffering from a 'cold sinus thing'

She even cancelled her involvement in the Oscars festivities on Sunday because she was not feeling up to it.
Alba tweeted: 'Bailed out of #oscars festivities 2nite due to this terrible illness... matzah ball soup FB twitter n tv -we got a date!'
Jessica was wearing a pair of bright pink trousers today and was all rugged up in a Sir Alistair Rai Scarf scarf and large cardigan.

Doting mummy: Pictured last week in Beverly Hills with daughter Honor

She teamed the look with shades - but nothing could hide her rather red-looking nose.
Jessica, who has two daughters with husband Cash Warren - three-year-old Honor and baby Haven - recently opened up about being a parent - saying it is not always easy.
She told Jimmy Kimmel: 'I did have that dreaded moment when my daughter decided that every answer I gave her wasn't a good one and she kept saying, "But why mommy? But why mommy?"
'And I was like, "Because I said so." And I thought, "Oh God, I'm that mom, I'm my mom."

source: dailymail

The hero returns! The Artist's Jean Dujardin mobbed in his native France as he carries Best Actor Oscar through airport


Carrying precious cargo! The Artist star Jean Dujardin arrives at the Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport surrounded by fans, holding his Oscar up in the air

In the film he's mobbed coming out of premieres as the biggest silent film actor in Hollywood. And just like The Artist, Jean Dujardin was set upon by excited fans as he arrived back in his native France today.
In the surreal scenes, the 39-year-old carried the Best Actor Oscar he won at the Academy Awards on Sunday through Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport.
He was flanked by French police and bodyguards to help him get through the crowd, but didn't let the smile fade from his face as he swung the gong high above his head. As he left Los Angeles airport earlier, he looked absolutely elated tirelessly signed autographs for fans.

Don't drop it! The French actor looked proud to be holding the Best Actor award

Before making his way to the airport the star was seen outside the Four Seasons hotel, sharing a kiss with his wife and a cuddle with his daughter - the whole family no doubt still on a post-Oscar high
As Jean took to the stage to collect the award from Natalie Portman on Sunday, he said: 'I love your country! So many of you here tonight have inspired me.'

Nothing can keep him down! The smile did not fade from the 39-year-old's face as he made his way through the crowd

He then said that if his Artist character George Valentin was accepting the award, he would have said... before launching into a barrage of French.
Later, when the reporters backstage asked him if he had sworn during the speech, he misinterpreted what they were asking and began translating what he had said, saying: 'It's amazing, it's incredible, it's unbelievable. Thank you.'
However, Dujardin's translator then stepped in and clarified that he was being asked if one of the words he had said was the French equivalent of the F-bomb, to which the actor smiled and replied: 'Yeah, I'm sorry!'
Dujardin beat out stars including George Clooney and Brad Pitt to take home the Best Actor prize, which was one of five awards collected by the critically-acclaimed French movie.

Everyone wants a piece of him! Jean was surrounded by reporters and fans

The other prizes taken home by the movie were Best Picture, Best Costume Design, Best Original Score and Best Director for Michel Hazavanicius.
The Artist tells the story of Valentin, a silent movie actor who falls out of the spotlight when he refuses to get on board with the dawn of the 'talkies'.
Instead, Valentin ploughs all his money into making his own silent movie when he is dropped by the film studio.
And while Dujardin has enjoyed huge success thanks to the film, he said last night that he probably won't make any more 'talkies' in America because he is a French actor.
He said: 'I'm not an American actor. I'm a French actor. I'll continue in France. If I could make another silent movie in America, I'd like to!'

Well done! Jean accepts the Best Actor Award for The Artist during the 84th Annual Academy Awards hon Sunday

source: dailymail

Australian swimwear model Lara Bingle reveals her flat tummy as she goes for a hike with 30 Seconds To Mars rocker


Strutting her stuff: Australian model Lara Bingle confidently revealed her flat tummy in a sports bra whilst going for a hike in Los Angeles

As a swimsuit model she regularly shows off her figure in a bikini.
And 24-year-old Australian model Lara Bingle once again paraded her physique whilst going for a hike in Los Angeles on Friday.
The stunning former flame of English rugby union player Danny Cipriani revealed her flat tummy and showed off her stunning curves in a sports bra and tight running leggings as she worked up a sweat in the Hollywood Hills.

New love interest? The Aussie model was accompanied by 30 Seconds From Mars' drummer and Jared Leto's brother Shannon Leto, sparking rumours of a possible romance

The Aussie model, who is currently in L.A after flying over from her native Sydney, Australia, last week, was accompanied by 30 Seconds From Mars' drummer and Jared Leto's brother, Shannon Leto, sparking rumours of a possible romance.
The two appeared friendly as they indulged in their exercise, with Lara smiling and laughing.
The make-up free Sydneysider looked tanned and happy as she took to the hills with the rocker and actor.

Happy and relaxed: The former flame of English rugby union player Danny Cipriani appeared to be enjoying her hike with the American rocker

She finished off her day with a trip to a healthy food bar where she picked up a smoothie and some Hemp superfood.
In recent times, Bingle has been criticised about gaining weight.
In November last year, the bikini model, who famously wore a skimpy swimsuit in a campaign for Australian tourism back in 2006, spoke out about her figure to Australian newspaper The Daily Telegraph:
'I am a woman. What they used to compare me to was when I was 19, I'm now 24. We all change. I'm sure I'm going to change again from now until I'm 30, 30 to 40. That's just life and I'm embracing it,' she said.

Beach babe: Bingle, pictured in 2009, made headlines worldwide back in 2006 after uttering the infamous phrase 'So where the bloody hell are you?' in the Australian tourism campaign that was banned in the UK

Lara is also an ambassador for a weight loss company called Eat Fit Food and said of her role at the time: 'I've been a loving food addict of Eat Fit Food for over three years now.'
Around the same time, the star also hit out at critics who scrutinized her weight.
'You can never win. It is unfortunate that I'm their topic of being fat this week; maybe in a few weeks I will be too thin,' she said.
'I've never been that 'thin' girl, I have curves, boobs and an a***, that's my job, I'm a swimwear model. I don't not eat. I love my food.'

source: dailymail