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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Bigger Fatter Gypsy Christmas: Larger wedding dresses and more lavish parties during special festive episode


Even more lavish: My Big Fat Gypsy Weddings are bigger and more bling-tastic over the festive season, as shown on the show's special hour-long Christmas episode

You'd think it wouldn't be possible to make a wedding any more lavish than those seen on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

But it appears the travellers plan bigger bashes, larger dresses and even grander festivities for their Christmas nuptials.

Fans of the hit reality show were treated to an extra special festive edition on Tuesday night when the travellers showed a glimpse of their festive traditions, while show favourite Paddy Doherty also made a special come back.

Christmas weddings: The traveller families descend on the Irish town of Rathkiele for a three-week celebration as young couples wed

And the hour-long episode didn't disappoint as the most extravagant dresses were unveiled while a number of families partied in more astonishing style.

During the episode, fans were shown an insight into the small Irish town of Rathkeale, which comes to life for three weeks over the Christmas season.

Being transformed into party central, traveller families descend on the town to return to the village they originally came from.

Waiting: Lavinia was left waiting in the cold for an hour while her fiance Edward drank with his friends in the local pub

Finally: The groom eventually turned up to the church to see his bride in her extravagant dress

All smiles: The 17-year-old bride didn't mind the delay when she finally said her vows to 24-year-old Edward

And if you thought their weddings were over-the-top throughout the year, Christmas proves to be their most extravagant marriage period.

Throughout the show a number of brides were seen marrying in the Irish town.

And it appears they each follow in the same tradition - the bride wears the largest gown possible, while the groom turns up late while he builds up his dutch courage in the local pub.

One bride, 17-year-old Lavinia, was left waiting for over an hour outside in the cold while her partner, 24-year-old Edward, enjoyed a drink with his friends.

Dressing up: A girl attends a holy communion after spending hours getting ready with her friends

Although every effort is put into making the day a special, extravagant affair, the men appear to take it less seriously, with Lavinia's dad admitting that he felt "very sick" and had a "bad hangover" from the night before.

The teenager's diamante-encrusted bridal gown included 20 underskirts and was so heavy she wore nappies around her hips to prevent it from hurting.

After finally marrying her beau when he decided to show up to the venue, Lavinia complained: 'It's the worst experience of my

Super size: Teenage bride Charlene struggled to get out of the car after wearing one of the largest dresses ever made for a gypsy wedding

Pretty in pink: Charlene's bridesmaids clambered into the church when her groom finally showed up

She complained: 'So much pain and so much hassle for just one day.'

And her moaning appeared to be warranted when her groom also turned up late while he drank with his pals in the local pub.

But she didn't seem to be surprised and excused his behaviour, adding, 'I can't go in unless he is there before me and he is still in the pub. He is really shy so if he wasn't drunk he wouldn't go up to the altar.'

While viewers were astounded with the lavish Christmas weddings, they were also treated to a trip down memory lane when show favourite Paddy Doherty reappeared on the festive special.

The owner of a caravan park in Salford, Paddy went on to win Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year.

Playing Santa: Paddy and his wife Roseanne were spending their first Christmas on their own without their children

Sweet treats: After protesting, Paddy finally gave in and went around his caravan park offering out festive chocolates

Quiet: Paddy told Roseanne he loved her after spending the day visiting a cemetery to see graves of loved ones who had passed away

But prior to his stint on the reality show, he filmed his experiences over the 2010 Christmas period.

With all five of his adult children and their 15 grandchildren deciding to spend the period away from the family caravan, Paddy was left to celebrate on his own with his wife of 34 years, Roseanne.

It was the first Christmas with just the two of them and Roseanne took the opportunity to try and put Paddy in a festive mood.

Starting young: Nine-year-old Jacinta was escorted in a limousine to her first ever holy communion

Competitive: Every girl wanted to be the best dressed at the family events

But she eventually got her own way on Christmas Day when she wrapped up a Santa hat and put the 52-year-old in the mood.

He then went around dishing out chocolate gifts to the other travellers as he wore the red hat, and said: 'It makes them feel happy and gives them something, you know.'

And he used his time alone with his wife to tell her he loved her.

Baby on the way: Married traveller couple Swanley and Josie spent their first Christmas together and found out the sex of their unborn baby

As the pair sat around their quiet Christmas table he told her: 'Merry Christmas. Many, many more to come... I mean that... I love you, God bless you.'

But Paddy also spent his Christmas remembering loved ones who had passed away and visited a local cemetery to see the graves of relatives, including his 18-year-old son who died in a car accident, and his aunt, who passed away several months earlier.

Dressing up: Even two-year-old Princess had her very own dresses made to wear especially over the Christmas season

Nine-year-old Jacinta was seen dressed in her own lavish gown as she travelled for two hours in a limousine to her first communion in Rathkeale.

Clearly in competition with the hordes of other youngsters taking part in the day in the lead up to Christmas, she insisted she had the best dress of the bunch.

source: dailymail


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