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Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 New Year celebrations

NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 30: The Times Square New Years Eve Ball is tested the day before New Year's Eve December 30, 2010 in New York City. The 11,875-pound Waterford crystal ball will descend a 141-foot tall flagpole to mark the beginning of 2011.

Workers run a cable over the street in preparation for the New Year's celebrations in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany, Thursday, Dec. 30, 2010. Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to celebrate the beginning of the New Year 2011 at the famous landmark in Germany's capital.

People dressed up as Father Frost, the equivalent of Santa Claus, and Snow Maiden, march in celebration of the coming of the new year in the town of Glubokoe, north of Minsk December 30, 2010.

LONDON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 30: Members of the Etiwanda Marching Eagle Regiment perform during a warm up in Trafalgar Square on December 30, 2010 in London, England. The bands from the USA, are to perform at the 25th anniversary New Year's Day Parade through Central London tomorrow. Many of the musicians have been stranded in the USA, after flights were canceled due to heavy snow

Members of the Riverside City College All Star Band, based in California, rehearse for London's New Year's Day Parade, in Trafalgar Square, central London on December 30, 2010. Every January 1st, people gather from the Houses of Parliament to Trafalgar Square to watch the New Year's Day Parade in which various floats and marching bands perform whilst parading through central London.

People dressed up as Father Frost, the equivalent of Santa Claus, and Snow Maiden, take part in celebrations ahead of the new year in the town of Glubokoe, north of Minsk December 30, 2010.

Crews work the New Year's Eve ball that will hold Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi, star of MTV's 'Jersey Shore', Thursday, Dec. 30, 2010, in Seaside Heights, N.J. The network planned to drop 'Snooki' from its Times Square headquarters but relocated to the reality show site after an objection by Times Square Alliance.

NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 30: The Times Square New Years Eve Ball is tested they day before New Year's Eve December 30, 2010 in New York City. The 11,875-pound Waterford crystal ball will descend a 141-foot tall flagpole to mark the beginning of 2011.

NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 30: The Times Square New Years Eve Ball is tested the day before New Year's Eve December 30, 2010 in New York City. The 11,875-pound Waterford crystal ball will descend a 141-foot tall flagpole to mark the beginning of 2011.

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - DECEMBER 30: Men dressed as Vikings lead the torchlight procession as it makes its way along Princess Street for the start of the New Year celebrations December 30, 2010 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Thousands of people joined in the torchlight procession, followed by the burning of a Viking long ship.

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - DECEMBER 30: Men dressed as Vikings lead the torchlight procession as it makes its way along Princess Street for the start of the New Year celebrations December 30, 2010 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Thousands of people joined in the torchlight procession, followed by the burning of a Viking long ship.

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - DECEMBER 30: Men dressed as Vikings lead the torchlight procession as it makes its way along Princess Street for the start of the New Year celebrations December 30, 2010 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Thousands of people joined in the torchlight procession, followed by the burning of a Viking long ship.

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - DECEMBER 30: Men dressed as Vikings lead the torchlight procession as it makes its way along Princess Street for the start of the New Year celebrations December 30, 2010 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Thousands of people joined in the torchlight procession, followed by the burning of a Viking long ship.

Times Square New Year's Eve Ball 2011

Edinburgh, Scotland Hogmanay Torchlight Procession

source: Daylife
photo: AP, Gettyimages, Reuters

Kim Kardashian shows off a new braided hairstyle... perhaps it's for her music video?


New hairstyle: Kim Kardashian showed off her new braided hair as she headed to the gym in Los Angeles yesterday

She's known for her swishy blow-dried hair, designer clothes and manicured good looks.

But Kim Kardashian headed in a brand new style direction for a trip to the gym yesterday, with her hair braided in cornrows.

Perhaps Kim was attempting to add a slightly cooler edge to her look.

She is rumoured to be busy recording her first pop single, with Kanye West said to feature in the accompanying Hype West-directed video.

Whatever she's doing, Kim has been struggling to keep it to herself.

'OMG u guys have no idea what I'm doing today! You are gonna DIE!!!!,' she tweeted.

This was quickly followed by: 'What an amazing day!!! I'm finished for today...but we have a few more to go!'

And she later teased: 'Feels so good to overcome a fear!'

Adding to the rumours, Kanye was spotted helping Kim celebrate her 30th birthday onboard a yacht in New York in October before she headed to Chicago to attend the screening of his short film Runway.

Trying to be cool? Perhaps Kim braided her hair for her new music video, said to feature Kanye West

While Kim is forging a music career, her sister Khloe Kardashian and her LA Lakers star husband Lamar Odom are set to start work on their long-rumoured Newlyweds-type reality show.

'It shoots in the spring,' a source told this week's Us magazine.

Another source told the publication that the series will have the same atmosphere as Bravo's Bethenny Getting Married: 'They're so cute, playing off one another.'

But fans will be seeing a little less of one member of the Kardashian family.

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick shop in Miami today; the couple have reportedly asked for $5,000 per episode for their son Mason to appear in their reality show

Though Scott Disick has told friends he and Kourtney won't let son Mason appear on Kourtney & Kim Take New York so he can have a 'normal' life, a source tells Us magazine that isn't the real reason.

Disick demanded $5,000 an episode for the 12-month-old! 'E! offered $1,000, but he played hardball. E! was like, "Are you out of your mind?"'

Another friend added: 'He bungled negotiations, so you won't see Mason at all.'

source: dailymail

Forget something? A weary-looking Kourtney Kardashian arrives in Miami make-up free


Long flight? Kourtney Kardashian arrived in Florida looking tired carrying her son Mason accompanied by boyfriend Scott Disick

As a reality star she is used to being followed by cameras and is usually preened to perfection at all times.

But Kourtney Kardashian looked worn out as she arrived in Miami airport without a spot of make-up on.

Carrying her one-year-old son Mason and accompanied by boyfriend Scott Disick, Kourtney arrived in the city yesterday, to host a New Year's Eve party.

And although the 5ft reality TV star was sporting a pair of large dark circles under her eyes, she managed to smile for the cameras.

The eldest Kardashian sister wore a partially see-through cream cardigan, black jeans and flat brown and black boots for the flight.

And, perhaps in an attempt to shield her unkempt face, she accesorised with a wide-brimmed black hat.

Family trip: Boyfriend Scott and baby Mason have accompanied Kourntey to Miami who is hosting a New Year's Eve party at a Miami Beach hotel

Son Mason was dressed in a cute striped hooded jumper and sported matching socks.

Kourntey will be hosting a party at the Gansevoort Miami beach hotel tomorrow night to bring in the New Year.

And the mum-of-one was happy to be in the city tweeting: ‘Miami I missed you! So happy to be back. Delicious dinner at Nobu...this city treats me well.’

Tired but smiling: Despite looking weary, Kourtney beamed for the cameras

Head gear: Kourtney covered up in a wide-brimmed black hat and Mason wore a striped hoody

Kourtney’s dressed down appearance was in stark contrast to her glamourous look displayed a party with her sisters Kim and Khloe last week.

Dressed in a short metallic dress, Kourtney showed off a svelte figure, achieved after losing 3st 2lb since the birth of her son last year.

She recently talked openly about how she shed the pounds in a new interview with America's OK Magazine.

'I love my new body,' she told the magazine.

'They say it takes a full year to really get your body back and I believe that. I was 140lb when I gave birth and I'm 95 now. But for me it is about being a healthy mom and not being a certain weight.'

Kourtney kardashian Quick Messy updo hair tutorial

source: dailymail

Anorexic model who appeared in shock fashion campaign dies at 28


Body battle: The French model, pictured here in 2007, had suffered from anorexia since she was 13

Isabelle Caro, a French actress and model whose anorexic image appeared in a shock Italian ad campaign, has died at the age of 28.

Her longtime acting instructor, Daniele Dubreuil-Prevot, said that Caro died on November 17 after returning to France from a job in Tokyo.

Dubreuil-Prevot said she did not know the cause of death but that Caro 'had been sick for a long time,' referring to her anorexia.

Caro featured in an ad campaign by Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani in 2007 for an Italian fashion house.

Under the headline 'No Anorexia,' images across newspapers and billboards showed Caro naked, vertebrae and facial bones protruding.

At 5ft 4in, she is reported to have weighed just 4st 8lb (68lbs) at the time.

Caro, who had her own blog site, said she had suffered from anorexia since she was 13 as the result of a 'difficult childhood'.

At the time of the campaign, she wrote: 'I've hidden myself and covered myself for too long.

'Now I want to show myself fearlessly, even though I know my body arouses repugnance.

'I want to recover because I love life and the riches of the universe. I want to show young people how dangerous this illness is.'

The campaign was paid for by Italian clothing company Flash & Partners to publicise a fashion brand for young women called Nolita and the photograph was taken by Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani.

Flash & Partners said in a statement at the time that Toscani's aim was 'to use the naked body to show everyone the reality of this illness, caused in most cases by the stereotypes imposed by the world of fashion.'

Caro appeared on Jessica Simpson's TV show The Price of Beauty where she discussed her body issues.

In 2008 she released an autobiography called The Little Girl Who Didn't Want to Get Fat.

Anorexic French Model Dies

source: dailymail

Nicole Richie's probation for drink driving arrest ends two months early

Reformed wild child: Nicole Richie's probation for her 2006 arrest has come to an end

Nicole Richie is officially out of the Hollywood bad girls club after a completing her probation for a 2006 DUI arrest.

Legal documents show the former Simple Life star provided proof to a Los Angeles judge Wednesday that she had completed an 18-month alcohol education programme.

The judge in charged of her case removed her probation status two months earlier than expected.

Richie was arrested shortly after midnight December 11, 2006 by police who were responding to emergency calls that a driver had entered the freeway the wrong way using an off-ramp.

Richie admitted to smoking marijuana and taking Vicodin and pleaded guilty to the charges.

Court documents: Legal documents show the former Simple Life star provided proof to a Los Angeles judge Wednesday that she had completed an 18-month alcohol education programme

For her crime she spent 82 minutes of a four-day sentence in behind bars due to overcrowding.

Since the arrest, however, Richie has transformed from a party girl to a mother-of-two, raising a son Sparrow, 1, and a daughter Harlow, 2.

Richie married her children's rocker father Benji Madden earlier this month.

source: dailymail

Young at heart: Wossy the wizard can't hide his delight as he visits Harry Potter theme park with his family


Family day out: Jonathan Ross poses with (left to right) daughters Honey and Betty, wife Jane Goldman and son Harvey at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

He's long been a fan of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter book series, and the subsequent film franchise.

So it's no wonder Jonathan Ross looked as though he was in seventh heaven today as he visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park in Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida.

Accompanied by wife Jane Goldman, daughters Betty and Honey and son Harvey, Ross even wore the scarf donned by Gryffindor students of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as he posed for photographers at the park.

Youngest daughter Honey also got into the spirit of things with a Gryffindor scarf, which retails for $34.95 in the official theme park store.

But Betty and Harvey declined to don the accessories, along with Jane, who perhaps thought the maroon scarf might clash with her bright red hair.

Ross has been a fervent fan of Harry Potter since Rowling wrote the first novel in 1997.

Since then, he has interviewed both Rowling and various stars from the film adaptations, including the main characters played by Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, as well as other Potter actors including Robbie Coltrane and Jason Isaacs.

Fervent fan: Ross even wore a Hogwarts scarf as he cuddled up to wife Jane outside the Hogwarts Express train

Wizarding world: The theme park at Universal Studios has proved a huge success

Ross is currently enjoying a break with his family before he returns to our television screens next month in ITV magic show Penn and Teller: Fool Us, which premieres on ITV1on January 7th.

It is also claimed he is hoping to launch the show in America, and is set to fly to Los Angeles to film a pilot episode for the US version of the programme next month.

A source told The Sun: 'September Films are taking Jonathan to the US to pilot his ITV show and they think he can be a star over there.

'They have big plans for him, and they think his type of presenting will go down really well. Magic is also being seen as the next big thing.'

Posing up: Betty and Ross pose next to Dr Doom at Universal

Entering Wizarding World of Harry Potter

source: dailymail

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Snow excuses: Chantelle Houghton and new man Rav don't let the big freeze get in the way of training, enjoying a romantic workout in the park


Funny run: The loved-up couple were all smiles as they jogged around the park

It can be easy to pile on the pounds with romantic dinner dates or cosy nights in during the honeymoon stages of any new relationship.

But Chantelle Houghton and new boyfriend Rav Wilding are determined to stay in shape and enjoyed an outdoor workout together in the snow yesterday.

Undeterred by the chilly temperatures the pair jogged around the park before performing push-ups and sit-ups using a blue and white exercise board.

Offering advice: Rav helped Chantelle with her form as she performed a plank in the snow

But it was not all hard work and the couple had plenty of time for kisses and cuddles as they frolicked around in the snow showing off some rather unorthodox exercise positions.

The pair who have been dating for around eight weeks were all smiles as Rav helped Chantelle perform squats and adjusted her push up position.

But the concentration didn’t last long and the loved-up couple burst into fits and giggles as they pushed each other onto the grass.

Fooling around: The concentration doesn't last long and Chantelle collapsed in a fit of giggles in the snow

The pair, who had wrapped up warm to train in the Essex park looked healthy and very happy.

Chantelle, who is a size eight to ten, donned an aqua-blue hoody with matching trainers and grey leggings for the outdoor excursion.

Perhaps displaying her mood, The Big Brother star’s jumper bore the caption ‘love and hope’ while her leggings had a kisses and hearts print down the left leg.

Bizarre technique: As Rav attempted a plank Chantelle helped him out by climbing on top of him

Displayed his toned physique, Rav opted for a tight navy training top and baggy white Adidas jogging pants.

Chantelle will be keen to keep her new figure in check after losing over a stone this year.

Before entering the Ultimate Big Brother house, Chantelle embarked on a gruelling beach boot camp to get into shape for the show.

Getting to grips with her man: As Rav attempted a few stomach crunches Chantelle thwarted his efforts by holding onto his feet. The loved up pair could not stop smiling as they exercised and flirted in the park

Cheeky: Rav couldn't help but laugh as he fell over after Chantelle gave him a big push

Eager to share her success with her fans Chantelle’s boot camp fitness DVD was released three days ago.

Speaking about her healthy lifestyle earlier this months she said: 'I got in shape for Big Brother and just carried on. I feel comfortable in myself - really fit and healthy. I've lost about one-and-a-half stone. It was always in the back of my mind that I wanted to go to the gym, but sometimes you need something to work towards.’

'I'm a size eight to ten now. I've always been a 10 and then I went up to a 12. Then I was creeping up to a 14 and felt uncomfortable. I was 10st 12lbs, now I'm 9st 6lbs,' she added in the interview with New! magazine.

Sweet reward: The pair made time for a spot of kissing during their snow workout

Chantelle was also gushing about her new romance with the Crimewatch presenter and said she was ‘very,very happy’ describing Rav as ‘perfect’.

She said: 'He is just gorgeous, isn't he? If I could write down on paper the kind of guy I would go for, it would be him. His build, his height, his looks. He's absolutely perfect.

He's really kind and caring - he's absolutely amazing.

Explaining her new regime to maintain her slim figure, Chantelle said: 'I'm really conscious about what I eat but I still have days where I eat chocolate cake or a packet of crisps. If you allow yourself something, you don't feel guilty.

'I train three times a week. Sometimes, I just go for a run in the park on my own. I do squats, press-ups and sit-ups.'

But for now at least Chantelle has a training partner who is happy to workout with her in all weathers.

source: dailymail

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley shows off her long legs in tiny hotpants as she cosies up to Jason Statham in St Barts


A firm grip: Jason Statham holds tightly onto Rosie Huntington Whiteley's hand as they made their way to the harbour in Gustavia, St Barts yesterday

They have been dating since April but the honeymoon period is definitely far from over for Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

The couple looked very much in love as they strolled hand-in-hand to a harbour on St Barts yesterday.

And after boarding a boat to take them to a yacht for the day, the couple cosied up and smooched on the back seat as they jetted across the water.

Rosie, 23, looked every inch the Caribbean queen in her colourful patterned blouse and teeny tiny hotpants which showed off her long tanned legs.

Statham, 43, also kept it casual in long shorts, black canvas lace-ups and a grey t-shirt.

They were joined by actress Salma Hayek, 44, her husband, French businessman Fran├žois-Henri Pinault and their daughter Valentina as they sped off to spend the day on Hayek's yacht for the day.

Safely on board: Jason and Rosie go to take their seats on the boat that then took them out to Salma Hayek's yacht

Rosie, who is set to star in the third film in the Transformers series, Dark of The Moon, may have regretted the tiny denim shorts.

Also joining the two couples was film and TV producer Brian Grazer, 59.

Undercover: Rosie and Jason cosy up under a white towel

As she and Statham took their seats on the back of the boat, she covered her legs with a white towel, before snuggling into her boyfriend of eight months for a kiss.

The couple, who went public with their romance in April at the Coachella Festival in California, are in St Barts for New Year, having spent Christmas in their native England.

They jetted into Miami earlier this week where they were snapped canoodling in the back of a car after a romantic dinner together.

Caribbean cruising: Jason and Rosie enjoy the view as they are taken to Hayek's yacht

source: dailymail

Here comes the maid of honour: Chief bridesmaid Naomi Watts almost outshines the bride in pretty white dress


A bit of all white: Clutching her bridesmaid's bouquet, Naomi Watts was maid of honour at her old friend Emma Cooper's wedding in Sydney today

The biggest faux pas a woman can make at a wedding - unless she's the bride, of course - is to arrive at the ceremony in a white dress.

So it's just as well that Naomi Watts was the maid of honour otherwise she might have been left feeling rather embarrassed.

As it was, she almost outshone the bride in her lacy white dress as chief bridesmaid to old friend Emma Cooper in Australia today.

The actress, 42, looked very pretty in her knee-length summer dress as she played her role as maid of honour perfectly after keeping her promise to her long time friend.

And she was just one of many stars that attended the wedding at the Shore Chapel in Sydney, as well as Naomi's husband, Scream trilogy star Liev Schreiber.

Schreiber, 43, gave the third reading at the ceremony and read Henry Lawson's After All

Congratulations! Naomi kisses her long time friend Emma Cooper after the ceremony

The bride and her best girl: Emma and Naomi walk off to the reception together laughing and holding hands

After the reading, he left the pulpit and resumed his daddy duties as he kept his and Naomi's sons, Sasha, three and two-year-old Samuel, entertained outside.

Cooper, has been a film publicist for 20 years and has befriended a lot of stars during her career, some of whom joined Naomi and Schreiber at the event.

The Mentalist star Simon Baker was there with his wife Rebecca Rigg as well as Without A Trace star Anthony La Paglia and his wife Gia Carides and Australian film director Gregor Jordan.

Leading men: Liev Schreiber and The Mentalist star Simon Baker were also guests at the wedding

This week it was revealed that Baker is the highest paid TV actor in America after signing a £280,000 an episode deal for The Mentalist.

Cooper is the daughter of NSW Father of the Year and former Taronga Zoo - where the reception was held - director Guy Cooper, who gave her away to Australian television writer Henry Cripps.

Naomi's bother Ben was the official wedding photographer, but the actress was seen filming the 120-strong wedding party for her own memories.

Cooper and Cripps, who have a six-month-old son Casper, who has Naomi for a godmother, are neighbours of the actress and Schreiber in New York.

Perfect guest: Naomi looked like she was really enjoying herself as she filmed the wedding party before keeping a watchful eye over son Sasha

Happy family: Emma and new husband Henry Cripps pose for the cameras with their son Casper and his son from his previous marriage to actress Sarah Chadwick

Emma Cooper sings Hark the herald angels sing for Christmas Eve service

source: dailymail

Her look says it all: Christine Bleakley sits awkwardly as Frank is booed off pitch.. and his dad isn't happy either


Not happy: Christine Bleakley and Frank Lampard senior looked on from the stands as the Chelsea team were booed off the pitch at Stamford Bridge

Being a WAG isn't all about fancy holidays and extra attention on the red carpet.

As Christine Bleakley found out last night, sometimes you just have to stand by your man.

Her footballer lover Frank Lampard has just recently returned to the field after injury but has been unable to turn around his Chelsea's side's disastrous form.

Last night, the Blues managed a first win in ages as they beat Bolton, but so poor was the game that the fans jeered the players off the field.

The 31-year-old Daybreak presenter sat with her mouth pulled to one side in contemplation and was flanked by a stern-faced Frank Lampard Snr, her boyfriend’s dad.

And judging by his crossed arms and pinched mouth he was fuming at the crowd’s reaction to his son.

Frank senior, a former English footballer, is no stranger to the trials and tribulations of the beautiful game.

The former West Ham player,62, also had a stint as assistant manager at the club under his brother-in-law Harry Redknapp.

Celebration: Frank Lampard's return to Stamford Bridge after months of injury was marred by boos

Dressed in a beige Mac and black polo neck to brave the chilly temperatures, Christine sat watching the game with her brown handbag perched on her knees.

Frank,'s efforts on the pitch were not well received by fans and although teammate Florent Malouda scored a goal in the 61-st minute it could not win over the spectators.

As Christine and Frank senior sat in the stands at Stamford Bridge one looking angry the other looking awkward, they were surrounded by smiles as other spectators found the situation amusing.

The match was Frank’s first appearance at Stamford Bridge since suffering an injury in August.

But after suffering the disappointing reaction by the crowds after last night’s game he may have found comfort in his girlfriend’s presence.

The couple who have been together for just over a year started their Christmas celebrations early this year and were spotted looking the worse for wear leaving an exclusive London nightclub earlier this month.

Stumbling out of South Kensington hotspot Boujis at 3am the pair looked merry, and ready for bed as they hopped in their taxi home.

Time for home: Frank struggled to keep his eyes open as the pair stumbled out of a London nightclub in the early hours of the morning earlier this month

Christine Bleakley Legs

source: dailymail

Model mother Cindy Crawford has a ball with her family on beach getaway


Juggling act: Model Cindy Crawford has her hands full as she headed onto the beach to play the French game of boules with husband Rande Gerber and son Presley in Mexico

She is one of the most famous models in the world but Cindy Crawford is more than just a pretty face.

The supermodel mother showed off some hidden talents on the beach in Cabo San Lucas yesterday while indulging in the French game of boules with her family.

Cindy, 44, demonstrated her athletic abilities alongside her husband of 12 years and youngest son, Presley, 11.

Play time: The model and mother put her skills on show

The star kept her famous body covered up in a wide brimmed brown fedora and cream cover-up over her bikini to protect herself from the sun.

Fun in the sun: Cindy was earlier spotted taking a little 'me' time

The day before she kept it very low-key as she relaxed by the pool at the resort in Los Cabos, Mexico where her family are enjoying a winter sun holiday.

And she looked the picture of contentment as she curled up on a sun lounger and played with her phone while her family played in the pool.

And even though she's not flaunting her body in a bikini on the beach, it's clear the supermodel is more stunning than ever these days.

Cindy, who first became famous in the 80s alongside Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington and Helena Christensen, has admitted to using a little help from a plastic surgeon in the past.

She said: 'I'm not going to lie to myself: Past a certain age, creams work on the texture of your skin but, in order to restore elasticity, all I can really count on is vitamin injections, Botox and collagen,' she told Gala magazine.

Cindy had once claimed that a 'miracle mixture' of ground coffee and olive oil kept her skin in its enviable condition.

Yet now with refreshing honesty, she came clean and admitted to a little help.

'I have a very simple, healthy life, which works miracles,' she says. 'I drink a lot of water, watch what I eat and exercise. But I owe the quality of my skin to my cosmetic surgeon.'

Cindy Crawford's Meaningful Beauty line

source: dailymail