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Thursday, September 30, 2010

No denying it now! Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene finally go public with their romance


Out in public: Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene went public with their romance as they strolled around Beverly Hills arm in arm yesterday

Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene are finally going public with their love.

The couple, who have been quietly dating for several months have always maintained that they are 'just friends'.

But yesterday they were spotted out and about in Beverly Hills walking with their arms wrapped around each other, and later holding hands.

And it seems that Joe knows exactly how to treat a girl to a perfect day out.
The two first went for some lunch before hitting the shops for a few hours of retail therapy.

Ever the gentleman, the 21-year-old singer was later seen carrying their many purchases to his waiting Porsche.

The couple then headed off to celebrate Joe's little brother Frankie's 10th birthday.
Rumours started about the couple dating after they were spotted together enjoying a romantic dinner at The Ivy in London back in July.

Give us a smile! Despite the perfect daytime combination of lunch and then shopping Greene looked decidedly glum

Ashley, 23, was in town to attend the premiere of Twilight, in which she starred as Alice Cullen, and Joe was there to support his brother Nick in his stage debut, appearing in Les Miserables.

Jonas had been dating teen sensation Demi Lovato whom he split from in May.
Hopefully they split on good terms though, as Lovato is currently touring with the Jonas Brothers.

Meanwhile, it seems things are starting to get serious between the Ashley and Joe.
E! News reports that Greene recently took Jonas home to meet her parents in Jacksonville, Florida.

Shop till you drop: The couple certainly know how to give their plastic a good workout as they were laden down with bags

And then there's the matter of the purity ring that Joe and his two brothers, Nick and Kevin vowed to wear as a symbol of chastity until they married.

U.S. magazine Life & Style reports that Joe has ditched his ring since hooking up with Greene.

They go on to quote a friend of the couple, who claims: 'When they're not travelling they are basically living together.'

Designer duds: Jonas was spotted carrying bags from Dolce & Gabbana and Mulberry

Sweet ride: Jonas and Greene headed off in his Porsche to celebrate the 10th birthday of Jonas' little brother Frankie

source :dailymail

Jamie Lee Curtis shows she still in tip-top shape at 51... in form-fitting tennis outfit


Looking good: Jamie Lee Curtis steps out in Beverly Hills today in a short and tight tennis outfit, teamed with trainers

Sixteen years after her famous striptease scene in True Lies and Jamie Lee Curtis proves she's still got it.

The award-winning actress was pictured today out and about in Beverly Hills, wearing a form-fitting and very short tennis outfit.

And for a woman of 51-years-old, she was certainly looking in great shape.

Still got it: The 51-year-old actress showed she is still in great shape for her age in the revealing outfit

Curtis won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Helen Tasker in the 1994 movie True Lies, with her sultry dance routine, performed unwittingly in front of her on-screen husband Arnold Schwarzenegger, marking a career high for the actress.

In recent weeks she has been spotted in the audience of Dancing With The Stars, supporting her actress friend Jennifer Grey.

Curtis turned down an offer to be on the hit ABC show, but seeing her friend in action has seemingly given her second thoughts.

After watching Grey's debut two weeks ago, she told Access Hollywood: 'I won't be able to do it because my family commitments are such that I wouldn't have the time for it.

'I did do some moves in my kitchen all by myself at about 6:30 this morning - like some quick steps and I was like, "Yeah, I've got it!"'
It's funny - it definitely, definitely made me go, "Hmmm."

'I'm not going to, but it was fun to think about it,' she added.
She also plans to continue supporting Grey, a longtime friend, while she competes on the programme.

'I'm hoping to be front row for Team Jennifer every week if I can. I'm going to try to.'

Applause: The actress turned down a chance to compete on Dancing With The Stars, but has been supporting her friend Jennifer Grey from the audience

source: dailymail

It's Beyonce from the block: Singer delights young fans by joining in with street dance


Less a booty shake and more of a wobble: Beyonce got down in the street after joining in a line dance at a street party in New Jersey

It's not a secret that Beyonce loves to dance.

But even on one of her rare days of the Single Ladies singer couldn't stay away from the dancefloor and she crashed a street party in New Jersey to join in with a formation dance.

Get down: The singer danced The Wobble delighting her fans, after visiting Jay-Z's mother in the city

Beyonce, 29, was apparently visiting Jay-Z's mother last weekend when she heard music coming from outside.

And she couldn't help but join in with the line-dance with a group of girls who looked slightly astonished but kept their cool as she followed them in the Wobble dance.

The Wobble is based on song by rapper V.I.C.'s single of the same name which was released in 2008.

It was a slightly more low key dance number than the high octane, raunchy moves the singer is known for.

Low key: It wasn't quite the raunchy routine Beyonce is known for

But dressed in super-high heels, jeans and a T-shirt, the singer seemed to be enjoying herself.

Beyonce has been enjoying an extended break after killing off her Sasha Fierce alter-ego following the huge success of her I Am... Sasha Fierce album.

She explained: 'I don't need Sasha Fierce anymore, because I've grown and now I'm able to merge the two.'

Singer-songwriter Ne-Yo, who wrote Irreplaceable for Beyonce, is one of the names linked to working on the follow-up. And although she looks every inch the diva, he says it’s really easy working with her.

'The thing about working with Beyoncé is that she definitely has her own agenda,' told MTV News.

Back it up: The singer has been enjoying an extended break after the huge success of her I Am... Sasha Fierce album

'She’s an artist that knows exactly what she wants to do. She’s going to give you directions [like] "Here’s where I’m going, so here’s where I need you to be" Ne-Yo explained.

However, despite the break, Beyonce is not exactly been idle. The singer is adding temporary tattoos to her fashion house’s sportswear collection.

Beyonce and her mother Tina Knowles are collaborating with airbrush makeup company Temptu to create a limited edition of temporary tattoos under their own Dereon label.

Designs for the waterproof skin art will include Dereon’s signature fleur icon, rocker bolts and chains, jewel baubles, and spider designs.

The tattoos will be available in both deluxe ($34) and basic ($16) packages on November 1.

source: dailymail

Doting dad to be: Orlando Bloom puts protective hands round Miranda Kerr as they stroll through Paris


Doting dad: Orlando places some protective hands around his new wife Miranda Kerr as they shopped in Paris earlier today

If he is this protective with his unborn child he is sure to make a great father.

Orlando Bloom made sure his new wife, Miranda Kerr was taken care of as they wandered through the streets of Paris earlier today enjoying a spot of shopping.

The 27-year old Australian supermodel and the 33-year-old British actor married back in July before announcing in August that Miranda was four-months pregnant.

Blooming marvelous: Miranda looks gorgeous in skinny jeans

The now six-months-pregnant Kerr, who is a Victoria's Secret spokesmodel looked stunning in skinny jeans and a patterned t-shirt which hid her barely visible bump.

Her face looked radiant behind Ray-ban sunglasses and a fixed smile was on her face as the pair browsed through various Parisian boutiques near to their hotel.

The couple have been enjoying some time in the City of Light after a brief trip to Spain to attend some Milan Fashion Week events.

Miranda debuted her new baby bump earlier this week on the red carpet at the P&G Prestige And Vogue: The Scent Of The Future cocktail party.

Wearing a short black Prada cocktail dress she showed off her small bump as she posed for pictures with her doting husband.

The pair had arrived in Milan on Friday after flying in from Germany where Orlando has been shooting his new film The Three Musketeers.

Bloom plays the Duke of Buckingham in the swashbuckling movie alongside Milla Jovovich.

In an interview shortly before the couple got married, Kerr said she always knew Bloom would make a brilliant father.

Look of love: The couple have been making time for each othr despite busy work schedules

She said: 'I’ve always thought Orlando would be a great dad.

'I've always wanted kids, so someday, eventually, yes, it will happen.

'My ideal situation would be to live on a farm in a solar-powered house with a hammock and a vegetable patch.'

Bloom also spoke about the pregnancy, saying: 'I'm really excited about it, it's great.'

Referring to the fact that he could be away for much of Kerr's pregnancy, Bloom added: 'I'll go home as often as possible. She'll come out here too.'

source :dailymail

Catherine Zeta Jones and Katherine Jenkins come together to fly the flag for their motherland as they welcome the Ryder Cup teams to Wales


Welsh beauties: Catherine Zeta Jones and Katherine Jenkins pose together at the Welcome To Wales show at the Millennium Stadium

They may now be living hundreds and even thousands of miles away from their motherland.

But Catherine Zeta Jones and Katherine Jenkins will always be Welsh girls at heart, so there was no stopping them heading home to lend a hand in promoting their fine nation.

Jetting in from her home in New York, Actress Zeta Jones, 40, joined singer Jenkins, 30, who had travelled down from London, at the Welcome To Wales concert at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium.

And they looked absolutely stunning as they posed for pictures, Catherine in her trademark red, her long, short-sleeved gown hugging her curves, while Katherine kept it simple and chic in a little black dress and towering animal-print heels.

Both of them were taking part in the concert to celebrate the start of the Ryder Cup golf tournament which is taking place in Wales for the first time.

And despite growing up just 12 miles away from each other near Swansea, the ladies had never met each other before - with Katherine admitting she was excited about meeting the Oscar-winning star.

Speaking to Wales Online, she said: 'Even though she is from Mumbles I have never met her and I hope that will be something that will happen.

Asked if she knew what they would talk about, she said: 'I have no idea. She’s a Swansea girl, I’m a Neath girl – I’m sure we will have plenty to talk about!'

It's so nice to meet you! The ladies greet each other warmly as they meet for the very first time

Don't you look fabulous! Catherine and Katherine admire each other's party frocks

And Katherine, who performed a medley of Welsh hymns at the event, added: 'It's going to be an amazing night and I feel honoured to be part of it. I'm so proud to see such a massive event coming to Wales.'

When she was eventually introduced to Zeta Jones, she spoke of her love for Zeta's red, satin fishtail dress and told her: 'It's lovely to meet you. You look absolutely stunning. I've always wanted to meet you!'

The event was hosted by TV presenter, and another Welsh native, Steve Jones and was opened with a welcome speech by Zeta Jones, who had left husband Michael Douglas, who is battling throat cancer, in New York with their two children Carys, seven, and Dylan, ten.

And she fought back tears as she spoke about how proud she was of Douglas, 66, her husband of ten years, as she addressed the 13,000-strong crowd.

Pride: Zeta Jones welcomed the 13,00-strong crowd to the Millennium Stadium and spoke about her husband Michael Douglas's battle with throat cancer

She said the golf fanatic actor had been forced to pull out of attending this weekend's Ryder Cup as he completes his treatment.

Douglas had hoped to watch the US team retain golf's premier trophy against the Europeans at the Celtic Manor Resort, but had to abandon his travel plans because of his illness.

And his wife was visibly shaken and her voice cracked with emotion as she spoke about her husband's positive response to his treatment.

She said proudly: 'Michael will be glued to anything that has a golf ball and a club, especially the Ryder Cup. Usually I would be watching with him.

Songstress: Katherine Jenkins performed to the crowd in a sparkly black number and a short Kylie-esque outfit complete with huge butterfly wings

Gold Singer: Dame Shirley Bassey performs to the crowd as she waves around a huge gold cape

'He would be representing the American team and I would be wholeheartedly representing the European team, but not this year, maybe next time.'

She then asked for a tissue before continuing: 'He's holding up very, very well and everyone couldn't be happier with his progress. He's holding up with great strength and dignity.'

The concert also saw performances from Cardiff-born Dame Shirley Bassey and male voice choir Only Men Aloud as they welcomed the European and United States Ryder Cup teams.

Golf's greatest event is staged every two years, alternating between venues in Europe and the United States. The tournament will take place at The Celtic Manor Resort in the City of Newport from October 1-3.

Fore! Katherine, Dame Shirley and Catherine pretend to tee off at the end of the concert

The putting's not great, Charles (but the birdies are!)

He may have showed himself up royally when it came to golfing prowess.
But there were still plenty of birdies to be seen as Prince Charles opened the Ryder Cup in Wales yesterday.

The heir to the throne caught up backstage with old friend Dame Shirley Bassey, met Catherine Zeta Jones and Katherine Jenkins and rubbed shoulders with the golfing glitterati, from European captain Colin Montgomerie to disgraced player Tiger Woods.

But despite receiving a few pointers from the pros, the 61-year-old Prince embarrassed himself on the practice green at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport - missing four easy putts in a row.

Expert advice: The Prince receives guidance from an old golf pro

Hello, my dear: Prince Charles shakes hands with Catherine Zeta Jones as TV presenter and the evening's host Steve Jones looks on

source: dailymail

See what happens, Kate when you invite Nigella on to talk about why eating chocolate can be sexy


Sexy? Kate Garraway tried to be seductive with chocolate but it all went wrong

After Nigella Lawson explained to Kate Garraway that eating chocolate can be sexy, the Daybreak presenter tried her hand at the art of seduction.

But it didn’t quite work out and instead Garraway ended up with a face slathered in chocolate after her co-presenter Dan Lobb dunked her head into a bowl of chocolate sauce.

The presenters had been interviewing Nigella, dubbed the queen of food porn, who is famed for licking her fingers flirtatiously while in the kitchen.

Getting a dunking: The moment Kate was covered in chocolate

Kate told Nigella: ‘You’re gorgeous and you make cooking look slightly rude’, while Dan agreed and told the cook: ‘You make food look sexy.’

But when the presenters tried to emulate the 50-year-old food journalist, it all went wrong.

Luckily 43-year-old Kate was able to laugh at her mishap, despite chocolate running down her face and covering her fringe.

Food tips: Nigella tried to give the presenters some tips from her new book

Meanwhile Dan Lobb, who was covering with Kate while Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles had a day off, took the opportunity to sample some of the chocolate sauce too.
But he managed to keep it clean and used a biscuit spoon during his taste test.

Slam dunk: Kate's face was dunked in the bowl of chocolate by her co-presenter Dan Lobb

Clean up: Kate tries to mop up the chocolate with a paper towel

Their guest Nigella, who dressed provocatively for the breakfast show in a low cut leopard print cardigan was promoting her latest book.

And after Kate’s failed attempt at Nigella’s food philosophy, she quickly grabbed a napkin to wipe herself down.

Seduction: Dan Lobb then tried to be sexy by eating chocolate sauce with a biscuit

source: dailymail

Malaria, divorce, now Cheryl's battling back as she launches her new ring collection with star-studded party in London


Fighting fit: Cheryl Cole was back to her gorgeous self last night as she launched her new ring collection

It was her first official public appearance since she contracted malaria this summer.
And turning out for a company that has paid her £250,000 for half an hour's work, who could blame Cheryl Cole for picking this specific event for her comeback?

Miss Cole, 27, stepped out last night at the exclusive Nobu restaurant in central London, to promote Promise, a ring collection she is launching for the luxury jewellery firm de Grisogono.

It was her first working engagement for nearly three months.

Miss Cole has previously worn pieces by the jeweller on The X Factor and received an astonishing £250,000 for a 30-minute appearance for the firm at a Cannes party in May.

Despite having only recently recovered from malaria, and having endured a painful divorce from footballer Ashley Cole, she looked as glamorous as ever last night in an asymmetric dress with gold sequin panelling designed by Elie Saab.

She was joined at the event by several of her celebrity friends including Girls Aloud bandmates Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts, X Factor judge Louis Walsh and interior designer Kelly Hoppen.

Bit wet, isn't it? Cheryl shelters under a huge umbrella as she posed for the cameras

Braving the elements: Cheryl dashes inside Nobu before stopping quickly to flash her winning smile to the crowd outside

She contracted the disease on a holiday in Tanzania this summer. Last year, the former Girls Aloud singer saw her personal wealth soar by 150 per cent.

She earned £1.2million for the last series of The X Factor and that figure is expected to rise again this year.

She also signed deals with L'Oreal and Coca-Cola Zero, which were each worth half a million pounds and her debut solo album, 3 Words, went to No 1.

Best friends: Cheryl and her Girls Aloud bandmates Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts

Celebrity pals: X Factor judge Louis Walsh and interior designer Kelly Hoppen pose with the lady of the hour

As a result, Miss Cole saw her fortune rise from £4million to £10million last year, landing her a spot on the Rich List for musicians aged under 30.

On Saturday she will return to television screens when the judges' houses stage of The X Factor is screened.

Guest list: Former X Factor star Diana Vickers, who was mentored by Cheryl, and actress Donna Air were also at the party

Chunky: Cheryl's new ring Promise, with de Grisogono

source :dailymail

From show choir saint to sultry seductress: Lea Michele shakes off her geeky Glee image with a semi-naked photo shoot


Temptress: Glee's Lea Michele leaves little to the imagination as she pouts sexily at the camera in pants, boots and a tutu to preserve her modesty

It's enough to make her alter ego run prudishly screaming back to the rehearsal room.
In what is probably her sexiest photo shoot to date, actress Lea Michele gazes seductively at the camera as she poses in nothing more than black pants and calf-high lace-up boots.

It's certainly a far cry from the knee-high socks, knitted motif jumpers and sensible shoes that have made her Glee character Rachel Berry a household name all over the world.

And as ironies go, Lea, 24, said life has imitated art for her by landing the role and she is actually a lot more like her character than some people would think.
The Broadway star stripped off down to her pants, hiding her modesty behind a black tutu as she teetered on lace-up high heeled boots for the sexy photo shoot for Marie Claire.

In another shot, she stands on a wooden block in a leotard and Charlotte Olympia platform heels as she oozes with attitude and sex appeal.

Lea has become a household name over the past 12 months, thanks to the international success of the all-singing, all-dancing Glee, in which she plays the annoying but super-talented Rachel, the female star of the William McKinley High show choir.

And she revealed, in her interview with Marie Claire, that her school life was not so far removed from that of her characters.

At eight years old, she got her first role on Broadway in the original New York production of Les Misérables after accompanying her friend to an open-call audition.
For the next six years she juggled stage and schooling, winning plaudits along the way until, at 14, she quit the theatre life after deciding she wanted to be ‘a normal student’.

But she said she - just like Rachel - didn't quite fit in, explaining: ‘My school was bit like Gossip Girl in that there was a lot of money and we didn’t have as much.
'It was very clear towards the end of school that I was different to those people and I didn’t like the things that they liked. I would go to parties and the best part of going would be the leaving. I would go to a party because I felt that’s what I should be doing. I’m such a loser!’

Hold on tight: Lea hangs from a rope on her platform heels oozing attitude towards the camera

She returned to the stage in 2006 in the award-winning production Spring Awakening, where she met, and became best friends with Glee co-star Jonathan Groff.

Two years ago he audition for the role of Rachel Berry in Glee came up, a part which was made for her and what she said has changed her life.

The November issue of Marie Claire is out now

She said: 'I auditioned once. I read and I sang On my Own and I sang a song from Thoroughly Modern Millie. Then I went straight in to meet the studio and I got it right away.

'The minute I read it, I wanted to play Rachel because I felt like I understood her and that she was a part of me.'

It's a role that has also won her numerous showbiz accolades, including an Emmy for Best Actress in a Comedy.

But she is quick to point out that even though she receives the most attention, she said: ‘I feel very equal to my cast and I feel like I couldn’t do what I do without them.'

But is she as squeaky-clean as her good-living, early-to-bed early-to-rise character?
She said: 'I can honestly sit down in front of you and say I don’t smoke and I don’t do drugs. I never have and that’s who I am.

'These days I have one glass of wine and I’m completely gone. I’ve never been a “Let’s go out and have a cosmopolitan” kind of girl. I don’t even think I’ve ever tasted a cosmopolitan before. I much prefer a glass of wine and a bath at home at night to relax.’

But she does have one vice - a passion for tattoos, although she played down her nine inkings, which she said are 'so, so little'.

She has nine, each chronicling a significant milestone in her life. The first was a butterfly, on her back, at 16. There’s one for Spring Awakening, another, Imagine, after the John Lennon song, a gold star for Rachel Berry.

Misfits: The cast of Glee - the second series has just started in the US and comes to the UK in January

But she added: ‘I don’t have like a kiss on my butt or anything! They’re all tiny. All so, so, so little.’

Lea is currently starring in the second series of Glee, which started in the US on September 21 and is back on UK screens in January 2011.

● The full interview with Lea is in the November issue of Marie Claire is out now or a snippet can be read at

source :dailymail

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chill the red and don't slurp in restaurants: A bluffer's guide to wine myths


Wine myths: Even red wine should be a little chilled

When it comes to wine, most of us can barely tell red from rosé, according to a survey from pub chain Chef & Brewer.

If you're one of the 16 per cent of people who splash out on an expensive bottle simply to save yourself embarrassment, here's our bluffer's guide to wine myths:

Everyone knows red wine should be served at room temperature, but few people realise how much warmer our homes have become.

Even the most full-bodied of reds are at their best between 16C and 18C, so stick your bottle in the fridge for 20 minutes before serving.

In From Russia With Love, 007's suspicions are aroused when his dining companion orders a chianti with his grilled sole.
'Red wine with fish - well, that should have told me something!' he quips later. But Bond was wrong: more delicate reds go brilliantly with meaty, full-flavoured fish.

Good restaurant owners know their house wine represents their business, and will select it carefully.

A quarter of us choose the second cheapest wine on the list, hoping to appear more knowledgeable - and don't unscrupulous restaurants know it! If in doubt, ask the wine waiter for a recommendation.

OK, it's possible, but these days, cork taint is rare. In good restaurants, the sommelier should have checked the bottle before pouring it for your approval.
The pong - mouldy, musty and damp - is unmistakable, so if you are unlucky enough to get a bad bottle, don't be afraid to complain.

The best way to taste wine is to take a big gulp and then suck some air in your mouth. But that's not on in a restaurant. Leave the showing off for your own home.

source :dailymail

It's double the fun for low key Sarah Jessica Parker as she takes her twin daughters out in New York


Double the fun: Sarah Jessica Parker took her 15-month-old daughter Tabitha on errands in New York City this morning

She is be famous for playing Sex and The City's carefree style icon Carrie Bradshaw.
But Sarah Jessica Parker looked a far cry from her alter ego as she ran errands in New York City this morning.

The 45-year-old actress was in full mum mode as she and a nanny took her 15-month-old twin daughters Tabitha and Marion out in the city.

Bundles of fun: The Sex and the City star is helped by a nanny as she shepherds little Marion (left) and Tabitha (right)

The star looked low key in jeans, baggy black sweatshirt, black boots and dark sunglasses as she carried little Tabitha.

There was no sign of Parker's husband Matthew Broderick or their eight-year-old son James Wilkie.

Tabitha Hodge and Marion Loretta Elwell were born via surrogate mother in June last year.

Later that evening, the star went out with her girls again, this time carrying Marion

Casual chic: Parker looked low key in jeans, black sweatshirt and black boots

Parker has been busy juggling her young family with the demands of a busy working life - she was often away from the girls while filming Sex and the City 2 in Morocco last year.

'It's been amazing but complicated because of my current work schedule, which I have enormous regrets about,' she said about filming the movie.

'It's the eternal conflict of every working woman. And I'm not complaining because I've done this to myself. The great challenge for me is to be all things to all people.'

Doting mum: Parker went out later that evening holding baby Marion

source: dailymail

Forget Sesame Street! Katy Perry set to appear on The Simpsons as herself (risque costumes and all)


From Sesame Street to Simpsons: Katy Perry will appear on the first ever all-puppet Simpsons episode this December

Katy Perry may have been axed from Sesame Street, but it looks like she will be performing with puppets after all.

The singer is set to appear on The Fight Before Christmas, an all-puppet live action segment on an upcoming episode of The Simpsons.

And The Simpsons seem to appreciate Katy's naughty style, judging by the tongue-in-cheek statement from executive producer Al Jean to Entertainment Weekly.

He said: 'In the wake of Elmo’s terrible betrayal, the Simpsons puppets wish to announce they stand felt-shoulder-to-shoulder with Katy Perry.'

Katy's Hot N Cold duet with Elmo was banned after her low-cut costume was considered a little too risque for the children's show.

In the Christmas-themed episode, Katy, 25, plays bar keeper Moe's girlfriend. And she leads Homer and the gang in a rendition of The 39 Days of Christmas.

Banned! Katy Perry's outfit was too risque for family-friendly Sesame Street

Celebrity chef Martha Stewart also appears in the episode, but in cartoon form.
Bosses on Sesame Street admit they were surprised by the reaction to Katy's segment , but insisted she received a lot of support from viewers as well.

'It caught us by surprise,' said Sesame Street executive producer Carol-Lynn Parente.
'We are trying to go after those younger parents that may not have grown up on Sesame Street or seek it out We know how effective Sesame Street is.

Oops! Katy may have been axed from Sesame Street, but she will still be appearing on The Simpsons as herself

'She (Katy Perry) is a wonderful musical talent and we had a great time.

'We would never produce anything that we felt was inappropriate and we were surprised at the amount of feedback and how fast it came in. There was a lot.

'Parents trust Sesame Street, we take that seriously and we viewed a lot of the feedback and made what we thought was an appropriate decision.'

Hello Elmo! Katy wore a raunchy Elmo T-shirt for her appearance on Saturday Night Live, where she was the musical guest

But Katy seems to have kept her sense of humour about the whole thing.

'Wow, looks like my play date with Elmo has been cut short!' she Tweeted.

The California Gurls star also poked fun at herself by appearing on Saturday Night Live wearing a very revealing Elmo T-shirt.

source: dailymail