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Saturday, June 5, 2010

This is the image I'd like to use to promote myself, says the new Lady Sinclair (Oh, and Clive and I only spend 3 days a week together...)

By Sara Nathan

Lady Sinclair Angie Bowness poses in skimpy lingerie in her first photoshoot since marrying Sir Clive Sinclair

Most titled ladies facing the camera would probably be more comfortable in pearls and twinset.

Lady Sinclair is, however, an exception to many rules.

The former lapdancer and model Angie Bowness, 33, made it clear she intends to continue promoting her charms by posing in skimpy lingerie for her first photoshoot since marrying 69-year-old multi-millionaire Sir Clive Sinclair in April.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, she described him as 'the most perfect husband you can have'.

But she revealed that the couple spend only three days a week together.

She divides her time between Sir Clive's £5million London property overlooking Trafalgar Square and her home on the borders of Lincolnshire and Nottingham, where she spends time with her 12-year-old son Marcus.

When she is in London, Marcus, who is from her previous relationship with businessman Mark Thornton, is cared for by her mother Shirley.

Sir Clive owns two flats on the same floor with a linking corridor. 'I come back to London when I feel like it,' added his bride. 'When I'm away my mum moves into my house.

'It is really the perfect balance. The flat in London is amazing, then I have the peace of the countryside. It really works for me and Clive. It's such a perfect situation, it really is.'

Happy and in love: Lady Sinclair is now running Sir Clive's business

The former Miss Nottingham, Miss Sheffield and Miss England met Sir Clive 14 years ago when she was working at Peter Stringfellow's London lapdancing club but insists she was there for only a few months.

'I was working there to pay the rent on my flat. I'd just moved to London and I didn't realise how expensive it was.

'I always knew that I wasn't going to do it for a year. I met a lot of rich guys in those circles and I could have gone with any of them, but I have always been independent.'

Lady Sinclair is now in charge of the daily running of her husband's company, Sinclair Research, while he works on refining his revolutionary folding A-bike.

His bride added: 'I've worked from when I was 13. I had a Saturday job sweeping hair from the hairdressers.'

With the support of her husband, Lady Sinclair is also working on a miniature make-up range.

'I told him that I wanted to launch a make-up range, but it was his idea to make everything miniature. I've got my Chanel tote and nothing fits in! It's so exciting.'

For those still incredulous about their marriage, she said: 'He is supportive and he doesn't hold me back.

'You click with certain people - why would you not want to spend the rest of your life with your soulmate?'

source: dailymail


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