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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hot stuff! Miranda Kerr cools off with an ice pack after feeling the heat on photoshoot

By Kelly Hartog

Ice queen: Miranda Kerr keeps cool on a photo shoot in New York

Miranda Kerr may have recently been seen sporting ice on her finger with her diamond engagement ring to Orlando Bloom, but today she decided to ice her chest.

Working in New York's Meatpacking District, the Victoria's Secret model was the centre of attention as she cooled down with an ice pack pressed against her cleavage.

Wearing a tight-fitting long-sleeved black playsuit and short, black strappy boots, the 27-year-old appeared slightly shocked when she first placed the ice against her skin.

Ice, ice, baby: Miranda quickly recovers from the original icy shock, and enjoys her cool down in the Big Apple

However, soon she was all smiles as she cooled down in the heat of the Big Apple.
Earlier in the day , Miranda happily waved to the paparazzi as she showed off her long, sexy legs in yet another slinky black playsuit ensemble.

Carrying her healthy lunch of fresh vegetables, her tiny waist was also on display with a cinched in belt with gold buckle and matching buttons.

Short and sweet: Miranda was earlier spotted wearing a playsuit

Miranda paired her outfit with a nude pair of wedges, a tan satchel with a long strap and a casual canvas bag declaring PINK - Made with love.

Putting a ring on it: Miranda shows off her other form of ice

The slogan aptly reflects the lingerie model's new status as actor Orlando's fiancée.

The skimpy outfit appears to be all the rage, with singer Alicia Keys sporting a beige version of the ensemble during her recent performance on Good Morning America.

While Alicia showed off her burgeoning baby bump in her suit, Miranda has been busy showing off her rock.

Miranda was seen flashing the diamond rock estimated at around $65,000 (£43,000), during a trip with her mother to Los Angeles yesterday.

The pair were in town checking out churches for Miranda and Orlando's upcoming nuptials.

source: dailymail

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Prince Harry is a hit with the girls after falling off his horse during charity polo match

By Daniel Bates

Ladies' man: Prince Harry attracts the attentions of two female spectators at the Veuve Clicquot Manhattan Polo Classic on Governor's Island, New York

He's not single yet - not officially, at least.

But it took just the merest whiff of a rumour that he might be for Prince Harry to have ladies falling at his feet.

At a charity polo match in New York, Harry, who is rumoured to have recently split with girlfriend Chelsy Davy, was pounced on by two female fans.

They were part of a gaggle of girls fighting to see the prince once the game was over.

Security managed to keep most away, but the two pictured here slipped through and met their prince.

After a shy moment, Harry warmed to them both, shook their hands and spent a few minutes chatting before posing for pictures.

The prince, 25, had been competing in the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic on Governor's Island during an official visit to New York.

Polo pin-up: Harry chats to an admirer who managed to slip past security at the event, which was raising money for his Africa charity Sentebale

He was playing against renowned Argentine player and Ralph Lauren pin-up Nacho Figueras in the charity match, which was raising money for Harry's Africa charity Sentebale.

Everything went well apart from a small hiccup when the prince fell off his horse, in front of dozens of celebrities including Val Kilmer, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and actress Julianna Margulies.

To applause from the crowd, he got up, dusted himself off then carried on with the match.

The prince has been with Miss Davy on and off since 2004.

But she has reportedly ended the relationship because she wants to return home to Africa.

Split? Harry and Chelsy Davey are said to have separated for the second time

source: dailymail

Just WHERE has Naomi Campbell's hair gone? Supermodel reveals shocking bald patch on shoot

By Daily Mail Reporter

Bald patch: Naomi Campbell revealed signs of serious hair loss on a fashion photo shoot in New York today

Her wild behaviour is often shocking, but Naomi Campbell caused jaws to drop for entirely different reasons today.

The supermodel left onlookers stunned as she revealed a huge bald patch beneath her long luscious wig while on a fashion shoot for designer Dennis Basso in New York today.

The 40-year-old has revealed signs of a vanishing hairline before, but the true extent of the problem was put show after a gust of wind caught her off-guard.

Quick fix: A hairdresser was called on set to adjust her mane

It appears that years of wearing tight hair extensions have taken as toll on the model's natural hair, causing severe breakage.

Hair loss associated with hair braiding, weaving, and extensions is known as 'traction alopecia'.

Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham and Alexandra Burke are all reported to have suffered similar symptoms as a result of their extensions.

While prolonged traction can cause permanent loss of hair in the affected areas, it is reversible if caught early.

Hiding her secret: The supermodel was wearing a long wig for the shoot

She's pumped: Naomi posed up at a gas station in the Meatpacking district

But Naomi appeared oblivious to the revelation as she posed at a gas station in the Meatpacking district.

She wore a green swimsuit that put her long, lean legs on show and also paraded a series of fur coats.

The former PETA campaigner famously declared in the Nineties that she would rather go naked than wear fur but she had a change of heart some years back.

source: dailymail

Monday, June 28, 2010

Prince Harry takes a royal tumble off his horse during polo match

By Rachel Quigley

A royal tumble: Prince Harry falls off his horse during the third annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic on Governors Island in New York

It was hardly the prince's most regal of moments.

As Prince Harry attempted to impress his American hosts, he fell off his horse during a polo match in New York.

Playing at the third annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic on Governors Island yesterday - where tables were going for up to £33,000 - Harry took a rather nasty tumble and almost did a somersault as he landed on the grass.

Sent flying: The young prince laughs as he hits the grass after losing his balance

He was pitted against the equestrian game's top star - Argentinian polo player Nacho Figueras - to raise money for AIDS orphans in impoverished African nations.

Happy couple: A radiant Princess Beatrice and her boyfriend Dave Clark pose for pictures at a reception for Prince Harry's charity Sentebale at Greenwich Country Club in New York

The delighted crowd looked on, first in horror then amusement, when they realised the prince was OK - it seemed to only be his pride that hurt.

Walking away uninjured after he took the tumble, the Prince hung his head in shame, obviously embarrassed at the fall.

The 25 year old is in the American capital for a series of events aimed at forging closer links between the UK and US armed forces charities.

Billed as one of the summer's most fashionable summer parties, the champagne is always free flowing.

Despite the fall, Harry was able to lead his players in a hard-fought match that ended 5-5.

But like England's disappointing result in the World Cup, his side lost by an extra time 'sudden death' goal.

The polo match capped Harry's three-day visit to New York.

On Saturday, he threw the first pitch at a New York Mets baseball game and on Friday he visited the West Point Military academy where he said Britain could 'learn a lot' from how the Americans treat their veterans.

Before the polo match he said: 'The United States has always protected the downtrodden, the poorest, those most in need of help in the world.

Slimline: Beatrice shows off a stunning pair of slender long legs as she arrives at the charity event

'And to me, this is what the United States stands for.'

The charity polo match is another part of Harry's extensive charity work - he has pledged to continue his late mother's legacy of helping children born with HIV.

Meanwhile Harry's cousin Princess Beatrice was looking pretty and very slender as attended a reception for his charity Sentebale at Greenwich Country Club charity event with proud boyfriend Dave Clark on her arm.

Dressed in a black skirt and electric blue jacket, Beatrice, 21, beamed happily for the cameras.

Ball boy: Harry shakes hands with New York Mets catcher Rod Barajas after throwing out the first pitch before the start of the Minnesota Twins vs New York Mets game at Citi Field, in Queens, New York yesterday

The Princess has been enjoying her summer break from studying and has been seen at several events and usually with Clark, 27, on her arm.

And she has been sporting the same shade of blue on several outfits, clearly her favourite colour of the summer.

She wore a dress in the colour to the Mahiki nightclub in London two weeks ago, and sported the shade on a jacket which she wore to Royal Ascot last week.

She and Clark came out in support for Harry and his charity Sentebale, which he set up in 2006 along with Prince Seesio of Lesotho, a landlocked kingdom within South Africa.

source: dailymail

Snooki shows off her untameable curves in a slashed swimsuit as the Jersey Shore crew pose for Rolling Stone magazine

By Daily Mail Reporter

Got the look: The Jersey Shore crew make their way to the beach on Seaside Heights, New Jersey for a photoshoot for Rolling Stone magazine

Their lives consist of nothing more strenuous than plenty of GLT - that's a morning routine of Gym, Tanning, and Laundry for the uninitiated.

But it seems living their lives on the beach has paid off for the cast members of Jersey Shore, as they were photographed for the front cover of prestigious magazine Rolling Stone.

The shoot took place during sunset with legendary photographer Terry Richardson. It's obviously a sign that they have made it - it's the second time he's photographed them.

Snooki showed off her curves in a daring cut-out one-piece, which struggled to contain the 21-year-old's buxom curves.

Her cast-mates were weighed down with jewellery and lashings of make-up and hair gel as they struck their most outrageous poses.

The TV show, which follows the eight housemates as they spend the summer holidaying on the New Jersey Shore, has become one of the most popular reality shows of the moment.

Daring outfits: Snooki and J Woww show off their flesh on the boardwalk

Hook-ups and bust-ups ensue along with plenty of clubbing in the bars along the coastline.

But the show has had its share of controversy too - some have taken offense to the cast's use of the words 'guido' and 'guidette', which many view as slurs against Italian-Americans.

And there was public uproar over a scene in which Snooki was punched in the face by a male bar patron, which prompted MTV to black out the footage.

The castmates are already capitalising on the success of the show, with Snooki landing a guest spot as a presenter a the MTV Movie Awards, while 23-year-old JWoww has just unveiled her own fashion line, Filthy Couture.

The second season of MTV's Jersey Shore airs in the U.S. on July 29.

Tourist attraction: A crowd gathered to watch as the Jersey crew were photographed by legendary photographer Terry Richardson

source: dailymail

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Even earning $20,000 per episode isn't enough to make The City's Whitney Port smile

By Sophie Forbes

Glum: Reality star Whitney Port looked sad as she filmed scenes for the new season of The City in New York yesterday

She reportedly earns more than $20,000 an episode, but even that isn't enough to make Whitney Port happy.

The City star was in New York yesterday, shooting scenes for the second season of her reality TV show.

Whitney wore a floaty cream sundress, but her pretty outfit wasn't matched by her sour face as she joined cast member Roxy Olin, 24, to film some outdoor moments for the show.

The two girls sat on a wall in the middle of the square and chatted for a few minutes as the cameras rolled.

Whitney, 25, barely cracked a smile throughout the short session.

The budding fashion designer, who started her reality career in The Hills, has admitted that its hard having her life played out on camera.

'It can be difficult, but I think because I actually love doing it, it's worth balancing,' she has said.

Under a microscope: Whitney, with Roxy Olin, admits its hard living her life on TV

'The problem is that, as many positive things get captured, there are as many failures and upsets so it's a double-edged sword and it can be difficult at times because the bad things can be magnified.

'I've gotten numb to a lot of things in a way and go with the flow these days.'

However hard it may be, the reality starlet soon had a smile on her face as she later joined boyfriend Ben Nemtin for a stroll round a park in a pair of frilled shorts

Romance: After filming ended, Whitney and boyfriend Ben Nemtin headed off to Toronto where they took a romantic stroll around a park

The pair have been dating since February and have been heating up the show with their on screen romance.

Ben, 26, is no stranger to the cameras either, having starred in MTV's the Buried Life, a show which follows eight guys travelling the globe on a bus attempting to complete a list of '100 things to do before you die.'

Whitney has a successful fashion line, Whitney Eve, and is set to star as the lead role in LA Candy, a film based on her friend, Lauren Conrad's best-selling novel.

Relaxed: The star looks happier as she enjoys her time off

source: dailymail

Prince of Pizza: How William dropped in to a local shop to buy his frozen food but realised he had no money at the till

By Nic North and Jonathan Petre

Royal choice: William and Kate choose frozen pizza and chips at the remote shop

As a high-profile Royal, Prince William must tire of being recognised wherever he goes.

But his none-too-cunning attempt to remain incognito at a quiet rural shop last week backfired because, in true regal style, he was not carrying any cash.

At first, 28-year-old William denied point-blank that he was the Prince, despite the rather obvious presence of his security team.

But his cover was blown when he had to call on his girlfriend Kate Middleton to settle up for his modest basket of pizza and chips – which she did with a platinum credit card that gave away their true identities.

Dressed casually and hidden behind geeky steel-framed glasses, William popped into the modest McColl’s mini-market in the small town of Blaenau Ffestiniog, North Wales, last Sunday night.

Shop assistant Sioned Compton recognised him immediately, and as he presented his basket at her checkout, she excitedly exclaimed: ‘Oh my God! You’re Prince William, aren’t you?’

But William just looked down at his feet and muttered: ‘No. No, I’m not.’ Embarrassed that she had spoken ‘out of turn’, the 22-year-old checkout girl did not press the issue, and proceeded to put his shopping through the till.

Ringing up the necessities for a lazy night in – two frozen stonebaked-style pepperoni pizzas, a bag of McCain frozen chips, an iceberg lettuce, a bag of salad leaves, a bottle of Tropicana orange juice and two bottles of water – the bill came to £12.60.

You pay: Wills has no cash, and asks Kate to pay

Do you take card?: Kate's got no cash and pays with a platinum credit card

But when Ms Compton told her customer the total, he suddenly realised that, just like his grandmother who famously never carries cash, he had no money.

William asked Miss Middleton: ‘Can you pay, please? I’ve not got any cash.’

But Kate had none either, so had to produce her credit card to pay up.

Ms Compton said last night: ‘I couldn’t believe it when he rocked up at our store. We’re miles from anywhere and it was a quiet Sunday evening.

‘He was wearing metal-framed glasses but it was obviously him. I noticed someone from his security team accompanied him in and out and while he and Kate were browsing, the security guy stood at the entrance, just inside the store.

One's stop shop: William tried to stay incognito when he visited the quiet rural store - but the shop assistant immediately rumbled him

‘Wills was driving an Audi. There appeared to be no other passengers but there were two other cars – one in front and one behind – when he pulled away. The other cars must have been security.

Priceless: Kate Middleton had to bail William out with her credit card when he realised he had no cash

‘He was in the shop for about ten minutes, but it was funny he had no money.

'I don’t know why he didn’t just say “Yes, I’m William, pleased to meet you.” It would have made my day.

'I was disappointed in him, to be honest, but he must have had his reasons.

‘We never did find out what they were doing here. Maybe they were driving to or from RAF Valley, where he’s stationed. It’s only an hour or so’s drive from here.’

Flight Lieutenant Wales, as he is formally known, is undergoing RAF Search and Rescue pilot training at the Anglesey base, which he hopes to complete by September.

If he is successful he will remain there for up to 36 months with the 22 Squadron rescue unit, where he will co-pilot Sea King helicopters.

William has a home near the base, where Kate has been spending an increasing amount of time – fuelling speculation that the pair will soon announce their engagement.

Last weekend’s exchange – which was caught on CCTV – is not the first time the Prince has attempted to hide his identity.

Last year, the young Royal used his resemblance to adventurer Ben Fogle in a light-hearted bid to remain anonymous.

He tried to pass himself off as the TV host while in a news­agent’s with Miss Middleton while on holiday in Norfolk.

The shopkeeper, Trevor Howell, said: ‘Oh, I recognise you.’

A man, thought to be one of the Prince’s protection officers, quipped: ‘Yes, it’s Ben Fogle’.

Mr Howell said: ‘I wasn’t fooled. It was obviously a joke. William laughed.’

It is also not the first time William has demonstrated a penchant for pizza.

Last year, he and 12 friends got a discount at Pizza Express in Shrewsbury after waiting more than an hour for their meal.

Clarence House declined to comment last night.

source: dailymail

Friday, June 25, 2010

Harry shores up his relationship: Prince makes time for girlfriend Chelsy Davy during his official tour of Africa

By Rebecca English

Lazy days: Prince Harry at a beachside bar in Cape Town, with Chelsy Davy and a friend, on Tuesday

When Chelsy Davy announced that she was giving up on her life in England and moving back to Africa, it didn't look good for her relationship with Prince Harry.

So perhaps it's no surprise that Harry quickly found a window in his official tour of the continent to devote two days to his girlfriend.

On Tuesday, the two chain-smoked and chatted for more than an hour as they had lunch with a friend at the fashionable Grand Cafe restaurant in Granger Bay, Cape Town.

Going: Miss Davy at Ascot last week

Then they returned to the beachside apartment owned by Miss Davy's multi-millionaire father.

There will surely have been some difficult moments during the pair's summit.

Days ago, Harry's girlfriend of six years revealed that she was going to quit her legal training in England to be closer to her family, based in Zambia.

And although royal sources say the couple, who holidayed in Zambia this month, are still 'very much an item', friends warn Miss Davy's decision has put a strain on the relationship.

Harry took time out with the 24-year-old before he heads to New York for a charity polo match at the weekend. But there will be little chance for the Prince, 25, to work on his relationship in the near future.

He is about to start a gruelling training course with the Army Air Corps to be an Apache attack helicopter pilot, with the promise of a return to Afghanistan's frontline in 18 months. And his timetable will permit few chances to visit Africa.

However, that is where Miss Davy's heart is, a friend has said. 'The only way I can see this relationship working in the long term is for Harry to give up his royal life in England and move to Africa. But it's unlikely he'll ever be allowed to do that.

'For now, they are just going to take things as they come.'

source: dailymail

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Camilla hails 'best army in the world' as she welcomes troops home from Afghanistan

By David Wilkes

'Best army': The Duchess of Cornwall inspects the troops of 11 Light Brigade today during a homecoming parade in Winchester. The 650 troops have returned from a tour in Afghanistan

Some of the soldiers had feared there might not be anyone to welcome them home because they would all be watching England in the World Cup.

They couldn't have been more wrong.

In glorious sunshine, an estimated crowd of 10,000 turned out to greet the men of 11 Light Brigade, returning after a six-month tour of Afghanistan.

Thanks: Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, met servicemen during an inspection of the troops and told them, 'You are all heroes, and I salute you for a job very well done'

Accompanied by three military bands, the 650 soldiers in desert fatigues marched for two miles into the centre of Winchester, cheered all the way in the UK's biggest homecoming parade.

Amid the celebrations, it was also a time for reflection. The brigade was set up specifically for a single tour of duty, which ended in April.

March of the Light Brigade: Union Jacks wave among the crowd of 10,000 as the soldiers parade into the centre of Winchester, where they were addressed by the Duchess of Cornwall

Summer outfit: Camilla wore an elegant cream dress but kept on her lightweight coat despite the heat

During this time it lost 64 of its 5,500 soldiers, who were drawn from 11 different regiments.

The parade came the day after the news of the death of the 300th British soldier in Afghanistan since military operations began there.

And yesterday an unnamed Marine from 40 Commando died in a firefight in Helmand Province

Addressing the troops, the Duchess of Cornwall said: 'You are all heroes and I salute you all for a job very well done.'

She also spoke of the 'devastating number of casualties' suffered in the brigade - several of whom were present in wheelchairs - and praised the 'extraordinary care' they have received at Selly Oak Hospital and Headley Grange.

The Duchess then inspected the troops before a fly-past by two Tornado jets and attended a private ceremony where she presented the families of two servicemen killed during the tour with the Elizabeth Medal.

Later 1,400 people attended a private service of thanksgiving and remembrance in Winchester Cathedral.

Sergeant Craig Newton, 33, from the Coldstream Guards which formed part of 11 Light Brigade, said he had been concerned the World Cup tie might affect the turnout.

'But the people of Winchester have done us proud,' he said.

'The boys within the Guards are happy to miss the match - the football comes around every four years but a day like today is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.'

Among the crowd was Mick Dyson, the uncle of Lance Corporal Graham Shaw, 27, who was killed in an explosion while on foot patrol in Malgir in Helmand provinve on Feb 1 this year.

At the time, Prince Harry paid tribute to him and his friend Corporal Liam Riley, 21, who died in a separate blast on the same day.

Fly by: The 11 Light Brigade accompanied by three bands march through the City of Winchester today as crowds line the streets

Mr Dyson, 53, of Huddersfield, said: 'The reception from the public was superb. It just shows what respect the pubic have for the soldiers.

'It makes us realise that although we have lost a loved one, the public respect what he did and are paying respect for so many brave people that have lost their lives serving their country.'

End of an era: The Brigade are due to be disbanded after completing their Tour Of Duty in Afghanstan where they suffered 64 fatalities

Welcome home: Crowds watch troops of the 11th Light Brigade march down the main street of Winchester

The brigade's senior chaplain Reverend Mark Christian said: 'It humbled us that so many people bothered to come out to support us.'

Of the the brigade's losses, he added: 'When you sign up to be a soldier you know the risks. It makes us exceptionally sad, but we respect their sacrifice and take heart that their sacridifce has helped make the world a safer place.'

Humbling: Among the troops were several brave men who had lost limbs in battle

Homecoming parade: 650 soldiers of 11 Light Brigade accompanied by three bands march through the City of Winchester in front of the Duchess of Cornwall today

source: dailymail

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Judge extends Nicole Richie's probation after she declares herself 'too busy' for alcohol education classes

By Daily Mail Reporter

No time for alcohol ed: Nicole Richie in Australia last week

A judge has extended Nicole Richie's probation - because she's been too busy with her children to complete the court ordered programme.

Richie, who found time for a long-haul flight to Australia last week to open a shopping centre for a rumoured £117,000 fee, was put on probation back in 2006 after being convicted of a DUI offence.

She was arrested after driving the wrong way down a Los Angeles freeway.

Her probation was due to be terminated next month but her lawyer went to court in Los Angeles today and told the judge Richie has not been able to complete the programme.

Lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley told the judge the reason for Richie's absence and failure to take the required number of alcohol education course was simply down to having two children, according to TMZ.

Richie went ahead and got programme-approved leaves of absence in order to deliver and care for two-year-old daughter Harlow and nine-month-old son Sparrow.

The judge extended her probation until March, 2011 and said he would terminate her probation earlier if she completes the alcohol education program before March.

The alcohol education report also gives Richie high marks, noting: 'Her attitude is excellent.'

She's got her hands full: Nicole with son Sparrow and daughter Harlow in March

source: dailymail

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Eva's got scarlet fever: Longoria dyes her hair red and goes from fab to drab for new film role

By Mail Online Reporter

Scarlet woman: Eva Longoria shows off her new red hair colour while filming her new movie Without Men in California

Eva Longoria Parker looked a little less like her usual glamorous self on the set of her new film this week.

The Desperate Housewives actress sported a new red hair colour and went make up free on the set of Without Men in California.

Eva, 35, was a far cry from her usual immaculately turned out appearance, appearing slightly uncomfortable and frumpy in a lime green dress

Drab to fab: The actress is usually glammed up to the max, but has gone make up free for her new film role

Fans of the actress will be more familiar with the sight of Eva with her trademark brunette hair and generously applied make up.

However, her latest requires the actress to tone down her appearance.

Eva is filming an adaptation of James Canon's novel Tales From The Town Of Widows in which she stars as Rosalba viuda de Patiño alongside Christian Slater.

Without Men is based on Canon's international bestseller and is directed by Gabriela Tagliavini.

The story follows Longoria’s character as she leads a group of women in a remote Latin American village forced to fend for themselves after their men leave to fight in a civil war.

A battle of the sexes ensues when the men return to reclaim their power.

Frumpy: The actress appeared a little uncomfortable in her lime green dress

Housewife to warrior: Eva Longoria Parker goes through a image change for her latest role

Last week, the actress was pictured walking around on the set of the new film in her underwear, seemingly without a care in the world.

Husband Tony Parker, who plays for basketball team the San Antonio Spurs, recently said he thinks his wife would make a great mother and that the couple are thinking about children.

Parker told 'We're thinking about it. Pretty soon. She's got one more year with Desperate Housewives, so we'll see what happens.

Tony, 28, who celebrates the couple's third wedding anniversary in July, said he had no doubts about whether he'd make a good father, telling Us: 'I'd be great. I love kids.'

Asked whether Eva, the youngest of four girls, wanted a large family, he said: 'We'll see. It depends on her. I don't care (if it's a boy or a girl). I would love to have both.'

Getting camera-ready: Eva didn't care who saw as she wandered around the set
Meanwhile, actor John Barrowman has also been singing Eva's praises, but for an altogether different reason.

The camp star revealed that the Latino actress has a devilish sense of humour, and the two shared a few saucy secrets during their time on the set of Desperate Housewives - which Barrowman guest starred on.

He said: 'She's just naughty! She likes to have fun. On set we had a good laugh with each other. She might have groped me, I might have groped her and we might have discussed certain things. She's saucy, just like me!'

The actor - who is in a civil partnership with Scott Gill, 47 - admitted he was blown away by the actress's beauty.

He said: 'Eva really looks amazing on and off camera - even without make-up.'

source: dailymail

Princess Eugenie arrives for her first day as a working woman... accompanied by her bodyguard

By Georgina Littlejohn

Working girl: Princess Eugenie arrives for the first day of her summer job at Christie's auction house in London

Coming from a family not known for their massive work ethic, it was good to see Princess Eugenie fully embracing employment today.

The youngest daughter of Prince Andrew and the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson arrived this morning for the first day of work at Christie's.

It is not a full-time job, however, but a six-week work experience position at the prestigious auction house.

And being a member of the Royal Family does allow certain privileges that most summer interns don't have - her own security guard.

It was a surprise to see the bodyguard, particularly after it was revealed earlier this month that she and her sister Beatrice, 21, would be stripped of their police protection - unless he was a privately-hired guard.

Eugenie, 20, was snapped arriving at the London art auction house this morning, her protection officer firmly at her side.

Excitement: Eugenie, clutching her security pass, eagerly made her way inside

She looked very smart for her job in a light blue zip-up dress, long black cardigan and black handbag hooked over her left arm.

A Royal insider said Eugenie, who is studying history of art at Newcastle University, wanted to spend some ‘purposeful time’ experiencing the art world.

They said: 'She has always been interested in that line of work and it fits in perfectly with what she has been studying. I think she got the job through friends of the family.’

Royal fillies: Beatrice and Eugenie show off their glamorous side at Royal Ascot

Christie’s said it was ‘delighted’ to welcome the Princess during her work experience.

But before the serious work began, Eugenie joined her sister Beatrice, 21, for some fun at the last day of racing at Royal Ascot on Saturday.

The girls looked every inch the pretty princesses in their short dresses and beautiful fascinators that would have made The Queen proud of her granddaughters

source: dailymail

Monday, June 21, 2010

Township chic... WAG in Chanel visits poverty stricken orphans in Cape Town

By Christian Gysin

Chic number: Chantelle Tagoe dresses to kill for her visit to the same children's home she filmed a documentary at last year

You can keep them out of the training ground and even the hotel, but Fabio Capello is going to find it tough to keep the England WAG's out of the headlines during this World Cup.

Dressed like she is about to make her entrance at Paris Fashion Week Chantelle Tagoe, the fiancée of England's misfiring striker Emile Heskey, did not disappoint yesterday when visiting an orphanage on the outskirts of Cape Town.

Looking every bit the designer fashionista the 27-year-old, who lives with Heskey in Manchester, prominently displayed a £350 Coco Chanel designer label belt more suited to an A-list party, with a white trouser suit.

Different worlds: Emile Heskey's girlfriend Chantelle Tagoe waves through bars at children at the Baphumelele children's home in Khayelitsha, Cape Town

The beautician's expensive tastes stood out as rather ostentatious in a country where a third of the population live on less than £2 a day.

Miss Tagoe was making a return to the Baphumelele Children's Home nine months after she filmed a TV documentary there, acting as a cook and cleaner with some of her fellow WAGs.

Since then the aspiring TV presenter, who has two young children with Heskey, has raised some £12,000 for the home, which caters for some 180 youngsters, many of them suffering from HIV and Aids.

Tagoe first visited the childrens home nine months ago as part of a tv documentary ' Wags,Kids and Football Dreams '

At the last World Cup in Germany four years ago the WAGs caused a commotion with their shopping trips in the smart town of Baden Baden, and were regarded as a distraction.

Some even blamed them for the team’s exit in the quarter-finals.

This year however the England team seem to be finding more than one reason to put their World Cup participation in jeopardy having toiled to two draws in the group stages of the tournament.

source: dailymail